foundation in water
(Photo : Pexels/ Pegah Sharifi)

TikTokers and beauty influencers are mixing their foundation with water before applying it, claiming this hack has many benefits, including providing a luminous and long-lasting finish. But does it really work?

Makeup artists and beauty lovers on social media who have tried this trend have various views on this technique, but many have recommended it.

Some claimed that after mixing it with water, their foundation lasts longer, looks more dewy, doesn't transfer, and feels refreshing on the skin. Individuals who tried the hack also suggested that it removes excess oils and residue from the product.

The foundation-in-water method has been around for years, but lately, users have been experimenting with it to see how various types of foundation perform with this hack.

Those who prefer full coverage foundation may appreciate the technique, as it has the possibility of long-lasting coverage. One notable benefit of foundation that has been mixed with water before application is that there is little to no transfer after it dries down. Some TikToker users who tested the trick dabbed their skin with a napkin and showed that very little of the foundation came off.

If you are intrigued by this trend, this is actually very simple to do, and you can test it at home to see if you get results you like.

Take your foundation and squeeze some into a small glass of water, letting the makeup settle at the bottom. Once it's at the bottom of the glass, mix the foundation and water. You will see some oils and residue rise to the top of the water. Finally, take a small brush, scoop up the mixed foundation, and apply it to your skin, where you will feel freshness.

The foundation post-mixing is expected to have changes in viscosity and be full coverage.

Although this trend worked for plenty of influencers, some people have said they don't see a huge difference, so its effectiveness likely boils down to personal preference. It also depends on what kind of coverage and finish you are looking for on your skin.