Tape Makeup Challenge
(Photo : Pixabay/ Gromovataya )

Beauty lovers everywhere have witnessed a surge in creative makeup trends, with the latest addition being the tape makeup challenge.

In this trend, makeup enthusiasts stick a long strip of tape in a straight horizontal line above the eyes, covering the eyebrows. They place another strip of equal length below the eyes, creating a second horizontal line above the nose. This taping technique leaves the eye section open for creating unique and colorful designs.

The point of the tape makeup challenge is to unleash creativity and turn the entire eye section into a canvas for artwork. Depending on individual skill sets and preferences, participants can experiment with various designs or draw inspiration from influencers on TikTok and other social media platforms.

When exploring the tape makeup trend, a popular style involves creating a galactic look by blending purples and blues. To enhance this look, makeup artists often add small stars and other space elements, achieving an intergalactic and futuristic makeup look.

The key to this trend is to leave the rest of the face bare and to focus the bold, fun, and artistic creation on the taped eye area.

Many individuals have done their own take on the trend for sheer enjoyment, for sharing on social media, or for a night out with friends to grab attention.

One example of this trend's viral success is @chizhmakeup's TikTok video, which has garnered over 10 million views on the platform.  

For those excited to do the tape makeup challenge, some practice may be required to master the blending of colors. This can be challenging, so watching tutorials beforehand is crucial before attempting it or going out with the look. Makeup artists like James Charles provide step-by-step instructions their TikTok and YouTube channels, guiding users through the process and showcasing their own versions.

The use of tape in the makeup industry is not a new thing. The concept of tape makeup could be inspired by the practice of using tape to create eyeliner or catch excess eyeshadow. The popularity of this hack might have been a catalyst for makeup artists and influencers to explore other possibilities for the use of this tool in beauty, opening the door to the tape makeup challenge.