How to get the sharpest eyeliner.
(Photo : Pexels/ Aleks )

Mastering the art of applying eyeliner, especially achieving a sharp line, can be one of the most challenging makeup skills to learn. Like many makeup techniques, an eyeliner application method tailored to your eye shape takes practice and patience to develop .

Whether you're aiming for a thick or thin cat eye, getting the perfect precision and sharpness might require some helpful tips.

Here are some tips and tools you need to achieve a perfectly sharp eyeliner.

Tape Eyeliner

YouTubers and beauty influencers often use the tape hack to apply eyeliner, as it's a tried-and-true way to ensure a clean and precise application.

Take a small piece of tape, and place it on the outer corner of your eye, creating the desired shape for your eyeliner. With the tape as a guide, create your eyeliner shape without worrying about smudges or uneven lines.

Some brands sell makeup tapes to help you achieve sharpness and precision in your eye makeup. Makeup Revolution offers makeup tape designed to aid in eyeliner and eyeshadow applications, ensuring a mess-free and precise outcome.

Thin Eyeliner Brush

Choosing a slim brush-tip eyeliner is key if you want to create a perfectly defined cat eye.

Thin-tipped eyeliners will help you make the line you want, especially if you don't want too heavy of an eye look or a thick cat eye.

When drawing your eyeliner, the thin tip of the brush will give you the sharpness needed, particularly when compared to thicker eyeliners.

Angled Liner Brush

An angled eyeliner brush is perfect for eyeliner application, as its shape will give you the razor-sharpness you need. This brush is specifically designed to access the tightest corners of the eyes, whether using eyeshadow or eyeliner.

Achieve this look is by taking an angled brush, dipping it in water, and applying it to a black or brown shadow, creating a creamy texture. Then, using the angled brush, draw your eyeliner. The precision of the brush will help you carve out the sharp eye look.

Makeup Removing Wipes

One hack that has become the favorite of many beauty enthusiasts for achieving the perfect winged eyeliner involves using makeup removing wipes.

Once your makeup has been applied, take a makeup removing wipe and fold it into a little square. Following this, wipe it under your eyeliner upwards to sharpen round edges and tips.

This is recommended for those who know how to apply eye makeup but struggle to get the desired sharpness. This method will also help those who are in a rush and don't have time to keep redoing their eye look until they get the results they want. This is a quick and easy hack that only takes a couple of seconds.