Tips to make eye makeup bigger
(Photo : Pexels/ Gabriela Guerino )

Eyeshadows, eyeliners, and lashes can all influence the perceived size of our eyes, and mastering the application techniques can make a remarkable difference.

For women with smaller eyes seeking to amplify their gaze, the right makeup products and techniques can work wonders.

In today's era, where social media and content creators abound, makeup hacks for small eyes have become effortlessly accessible.

Below, we outline some tips for using makeup to create the illusion of bigger eyes.

1. Wearing false eyelashes

A well-utilized makeup hack for creating the appearance of bigger eyes is the use of false lashes. Depending on the volume and length of the lashes, they can automatically make your eyes appear wider and more open.

The right lashes for this look are those that fan out at the ends or have thicker lash hairs toward the outer ends for a winged effect. When selecting false lashes, it is advisable to stick to ones with longer lash hairs, as they create the illusion of bigger eyes. This is preferred over thick lashes, which may overpower small eyes.

2. Blending shadows to eyebrows

Eyeshadows can shape our eyes and enhance eye color, depending on the shades we wear.

For those looking to make their eyes appear bigger, a simple trick is to apply your eyeshadow and blend it upward into the brows. Additionally, instead of finishing above the crease, extend the shadows a little higher. You can also blend the outer areas toward the brows instead of the entire eye.

Achieving bigger-looking eyes with eyeshadow is usually done with darker shadows. Applying dark hues only to the outer edges will open your eyes more and give them a cat-eye appearance.

3. Applying shimmer eyeshadow

In addition to blending your eyeshadow upward, shimmers can also help create the look of bigger eyes.

Using your favorite shimmery shades, such as gold and champagne, will instantly create an awakened look. Applying these shades all over the eyelids brightens the eyes, especially if you dab some on the inner corners.

Using shimmer and bright shades on the inner corners has been a technique used for years to relieve tired-looking eyes.

4. Concealing dark circles

Dark circles not only make us look tired but also affect the way our eyes and eye makeup look.

Maintaining brighter under-eyes will keep you looking awake and prevent your eyes from having a shrunken, sleep-deprived appearance.

This is particularly important in the inner corners, as keeping them concealed will eliminate any darkness and keep your eyes looking wide open.

5. Filling in the lower waterline

A makeup hack you've probably noticed being used a lot by makeup artists is applying shadows on the lower waterline.

This trick helps define the eyes, causing them to appear bigger and making eyeshadow colors pop.

Aside from using eyeshadow, you can also take a liner in the same shade and apply it on the waterline to get the same effect.