What Is Dry Brushing? 5 Exfoliating Dry Brushes
(Photo : Unsplash / Megan Dujardin)
With dry brushing making its rounds in social media and the beauty industry, more people are willing to explore and try the ancient practice.

Although this practice of removing dead skin cells has been around for centuries, dry brushing has recently piqued the interest of many self-care and wellness enthusiasts.

Dry brushing hails from the Ayurvedic practice of gently scrubbing your body using a brush with natural fibers. This form of refreshing massage is said to stimulate the skin and lymphatic system while releasing toxins from the body.

5 Exfoliating Dry Brushes

The first step to take in this time-proven health practice is to invest in a good dry brush. With many factors to consider, it is best to stick to the traditional concept of dry brushing, which is to use natural fibers. These can be cotton, wool, raw silk, boar bristles, and fibers from plants or vegetables.

Manufacturers offer various sizes of dry brushes, some with handles, others with straps. The smallest ones with handles typically measure 6 inches, and the longest ones are around 16 inches. Bristles also have variations to choose from. Experts recommend using medium-to-hard bristles on the body and a separate dry brush with soft bristles on the face.

To help you choose, we've put together a list of five of the best exfoliating dry brushes for 2024.

1. Wholesome Beauty Dry Skin Body Brush

This 14-inch dry brush from Wholesome Beauty is 100% natural. With a detachable high-quality wood handle and fine-grade natural bristles, it effectively exfoliates by gently removing dead skin, clearing out clogged pores.

This product is cost-effective at around $12. Its package includes a travel pouch so you can bring it with you on trips. It also comes with a stick-on hook to let it conveniently hang to dry after every use.

2. Joanna Vargas Ritual Brush

Not only is the Joanna Vargas Ritual Brush eco-friendly, but it is also safe for the whole body. This dry brush stimulates skin cells and helps rid the body of cellulite. Because it has gentle bristles, you can use it every day to achieve firmer skin.

For improved circulation, Joanna Vargas recommends using long sweeping movements toward the heart.

3. Goop G.Tox Ultimate Dry Brush

Over the years, Goop has released clean, holistic, and result-driven products that beauty magazines adore. This dry brush from the company is made with biodegradable sisal fibers that sweep away dead skin cells. Effects, such as luminous and silky-smooth skin, can be seen with both short- and long-term use.

Goop recommends firm and small strokes or circular motions with its handled brush.

4. Elemis London Body Detox Skin Brush

This exfoliating long body brush from Elemis London also smoothens and tones the skin with its all-natural firm bristles made from cactus. Dry brushing with this product during your routine will help improve metabolism and natural detoxification. This Elemis brush is perfect for targeting ingrown hairs, cellulite, and dry skin.

The handle is detachable, and the head has a strap for ease of use. The set comes with a travel pouch.

5. Rosena Dry Brushing Set

Spa appointments can be a thing of the past with this dry brushing set from Rosena. The set includes a 16-inch exfoliator body brush with a detachable handle, a 5-inch cellulite massager that can be attached to the long handle, and a 6-inch handheld exfoliator face brush.

With this set, you can fight skin aging, stimulate tissues around cellulite, and keep your pores unclogged.

Rosena recommends gently brushing an area seven to 10 times before moving on to the next area.

Best Practice in Dry Brushing for Self-Care

There are many dry brushes in the market. Manufacturers most likely come up with new designs and innovations every day. However, the most important thing to remember is that your skin is unique. It is important to know what your skin needs.

The five exfoliating dry brushes mentioned above are good starting points in exploring the ancient practice of dry brushing.