Pantene Miracle Rescue
(Photo : Pantene )

Pantene is loved throughout the affordable hair world, as its products contain ingredients that help repair the hair and restore shine without the high price tag.

Pantene recently dropped its new collection of Pantene Miracle products, designed to deeply nourish the hair and repair any issues women with various hair types are dealing with.

The star of the collection is the melting Pro-V pearls featured in the haircare brand's new reparative deep conditioner and intensive bond repair mask.

The pearls melt when the products are used, releasing nutrients into the hair, according to studies conducted by Pantene. These then penetrate the hair strands and repair damaged hair by building new bonds to prevent breakage.

Using this technology, Pantene promises that its Miracle Rescue Deep Repair Conditioner and Miracle Rescue Intensive Bond Repair Mask will visibly repair six months of damage while getting rid of frizz and adding shine.

Other products in the collection include a serum targeting split ends, a 3-in-1 leave-in or rinse-off conditioner, a 10-in-1 leave-in conditioner spray, and an overnight bond building serum.

These products can be beneficial for frizzy, unruly, curly, and color-treated hair. They are free from sulfates, dyes, parabens, so you won't have any damaging ingredients that strip hair of its natural moisture.

Pantene's Miracle Rescue 10-in-1 Leave-In Conditioner Spray contains B5, deep-absorbing amino acids, and a mix of hydrating ingredients. According to product description, it will combat dryness, tangled strands, and breakage, provide heat protection, and restore shine. The leave-in conditioner may help those who want to fully repair their hair and fix multiple concerns, especially long-term damage. Make sure to apply this before blow drying or applying your curly hair products.

The new Pantene Miracle products can be bought at Pantene, Target, and drugstores near you.