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(Photo : Vecteezy/Yulia Ryabokon)

Men have often been overlooked by beauty brands, despite the cosmetic market being saturated with diverse products. Traditional cosmetic companies have typically focused their efforts on catering primarily to women's skin and makeup needs. However, it is essential to recognize that men, too, can derive benefits from and enjoy the use of makeup.

Much like women, men also grapple with skin problems and insecurities -- such as blemishes, acne, and acne marks -- which they may wish to conceal, especially for special occasions. Fortunately, some makeup brands are acknowledging the unique needs of their male clientele and developing products tailored specifically to address men's skincare concerns.

For men in search of concealers designed with their specific skin requirements in mind, here is a carefully curated list of brands at the forefront of meeting men's beauty needs:

1. Gentlehomme

Gentlehomme is a luxury men's skincare brand founded by licensed esthetician Salomé Chemla in Los Angeles. The cruelty-free products focus on high-quality ingredients tailored to men's tastes and skin. The brand challenges the notion that skincare is solely for women, emphasizing the importance of addressing men's specific skin concerns.

Gentlehomme's Concealer Stick for Men is a 2-in-1 solution with a concealer stick and brush, available in four shades. The creamy formula provides medium to full coverage, treating, hydrating, priming, and camouflaging men's skin imperfections. It has a breathable, non-comedogenic formula with a semi-matte finish suitable for all skin types. It can also be used as a bronzer to add warmth to the skin. Additionally, it is compact and easy to use, perfect for men who want to have a simplified routine.

2. Formen Makeup

Formen Makeup is an American brand that specializes in makeup and organic skincare tailored to the unique needs of male skin. Whether for important meetings or first dates, Formen Makeup emphasizes the power of the right makeup to leave a lasting impression. The brand aims to help men address concerns like dark circles and uneven skin tone, boosting confidence and allowing them to put their best face forward anytime, anywhere.

Formen's Concealer for Men is a versatile three-in-one solution, featuring light, medium, and darker tones in a single product. Specifically designed for male skin, it effortlessly conceals blemishes, dark circles, and imperfections, offering a natural, lasting finish.

The blendable coverage allows you to mix shades for a perfect match and neutral skin tone. Aside from being easy to apply with fingertips, this professionally developed palette is enriched with vitamins A and E for skin conditioning and antioxidant protection, setting a new standard in men's grooming.

3. War Paint For Men

War Paint is a men's makeup brand with a personal and empowering origin. The brand was founded by Danny Gray, who, after experiencing childhood bullying, discovered the transformative potential of makeup at age 15. Faced with a lack of brands that resonated with him, he created War Paint specifically for men's skin. The brand's mission is to empower men, offering products that instill confidence and readiness to tackle any challenge. War Paint goes beyond aesthetics, standing for inclusivity and individuality, making a statement that makeup and confidence are for everyone.

War Paint's Concealer is a cream concealer crafted to cover dark circles, blemishes, scars, and other imperfections. Infused with tea tree oil, it not only conceals but also soothes spots, making it a skincare solution. The product is available in various shades, including Fair, Light, Tan, Medium, and Dark, catering to different skin tones.

4. Tom Ford

If you are looking for a well-known luxury makeup brand, Tom Ford presents a concealer designed exclusively for men. Its concealer for men comes in a twist-up stick with an ultra-fine texture, effortlessly blending with the skin. It works instantly to conceal redness, blemishes, under-eye circles, or razor nicks, offering a refined solution for achieving a flawless complexion.

5. Kode

Kode is a brand specifically offering concealers with a simple solution: everyone, including men, deserves to look a little better when they want to. It was founded by Luke, who noticed the limited grooming options for his peers, and Lois, a cosmetic industry veteran.

The Kode Mens Concealer is a versatile concealer that effectively masks various skin imperfections such as discoloration, dark circles, acne, scars, and more. It features a matte finish and long-lasting wear. It is also mineral-based and fragrance-free. Its compact design ensures convenience, and with six available shades, you can easily find one that matches your skin tone.