Loreal airlight pro
(Photo : L’Oréal)

Cosmetic giant L'Oréal unveiled its new professional-grade hair dryer AirLight Pro, touted as the "next-generation hair drying tool designed with professional stylists for both beauty professionals and consumers at home."

The AirLight Pro, developed in partnership with Zuvi, a hardware startup founded by drone engineers and prominent scientists, employs a blend of infrared-light technology and airflow to enhance hair texture, resulting in visibly smoother and hydrated hair.

Additionally, it boasts faster drying times through optimized heat distribution suitable for various hair types, along with up to 31% less energy consumption, as stated in the brand's press release.

L'Oréal Groupe CEO Nicolas Hieronimus expressed optimism over the innovative product and emphasized the showcasing technology's role in enhancing beauty performance, catering to diverse hair needs, and reducing environmental impact.

"For 115 years, L'Oréal has been leveraging science to innovate and provide consumers with unforgettable beauty experiences that fulfill their individual beauty aspirations," Hieronimus said in a press release. "With AirLight Pro, in partnership with Zuvi, we prove that technology can augment beauty performance, caring for multiple hair needs, and reduce its environmental impact. That's the future of beauty we are aiming to create."

In contrast to traditional hair dryers that rely solely on heating coils, the AirLight Pro features a unique 17-blade high-speed motor and patented infrared technology powered by tungsten-halogen bulbs. This design enables swift hair drying without excessive heat.

Prolonged exposure to high temperatures, whether from the sun, water, or hair tools like straightening irons or hair dryers, is widely acknowledged to be detrimental to hair health.

Moreover, by effectively drying surface water on the hair, the latest technology retains internal moisture, leaving the strands smooth and shiny.

The beauty company conducted tests on over 500 individuals with various hair types to ensure the adaptability of AirLight Pro to individual user needs. The seamless collaboration between hardware, firmware, and the app allows users to effortlessly customize settings according to their specific requirements.

The AirLight Pro hair dryer will be released for purchase for both professional stylists and consumers in selected markets across the United States and Europe in the latter part of 2024. This launch is from L'Oréal Professionnel, the professional salon division of the beauty brand.

L'Oréal is dedicated to introducing groundbreaking products that positively disrupt the beauty industry. In 2018, the company launched the La Roche-Posay My Skin Track UV sensor, a wearable device that measures exposure to ultraviolet radiation, safeguarding against potential skin and eye damage, and the risk of skin cancer.

Furthermore, L'Oréal has unveiled other remarkable beauty tech innovations, such as Hapta, a prototype for an accessible lipstick applicator. There's also Rouge Sur Mesure, allowing home consumers to create their personalized versions of YSL's iconic Velvet Cream Matte Finish Lipstick, and Brow Magic, which utilizes augmented reality for crafting and enhancing the ideal eyebrow.