Eyebrow tinting
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Eyebrows can make or break your look and dramatically change the dynamics of your face.

Some women won't even leave the house without their eyebrows drawn in, as this transforms their appearance. However, many have busy lives and don't have time to dedicate to making their eyebrows look just right every morning.

Enter eyebrow tinting -- a technique involving the use of temporary dye to help define, darken, and shape the brows.

Perfect for those who want to wake up with defined brows, some brow tints can yield results that last weeks.

Since brow tinting can be a bit pricey at the salon, you can try it in the comfort of your home using one of the many kits available on the market.

Let's look at some at-home eyebrow tinting sets.

Ardell Brow Tint

Ardell Brow Tint
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The Ardell Brow Tint promises defined brows that can last up to two weeks. The creamy formula covers all hairs, including gray and light-colored, ensuring full color with minimal maintenance.

Due to this being a water-activated product, the powder needs to be mixed with the water-based activator before application.

This brow tint kit is ideal for first-timers, as it's not only simple and easy to use but also gives you naturally fuller brows immediately.

RefectoCil Eyelash and Eyebrow Tint

Refectocil Eyebrow Tint
(Photo : Walmart)

The RefectoCil Eyelash and Eyebrow Tint offer polished brows with easy application.

Make sure your brows are dry before applying the product. The blend of RefectoCol's hair dye and 15 to 20 drops of oxidant liquid will give you better-looking brows in minutes.

Once you've wiped this off with a cotton ball, you should have darker, more defined brows that will last up to six weeks.

Godefroy Instant Eyebrow Tint

Godefroy Instant Brow tint
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Another eyebrow tint kit that will give you up to six weeks of richer color on the brows is the Godefroy Instant Eyebrow Tint.

The non-toxic formula covers all gray and light-colored hairs and does not damage brows, as it's formulated with plant extracts and contains no synthetic dyes.

Aside from having natural dyes and ingredients, the product comes in a gel-like form that glides on brow hairs smoothly and hydrates them, offering instant results and a natural look.

This option is recommended for those who just want to give their brows some additional color and volume.

Thrive Causemetics Instant Brow Fix Semi-Permanent Eyebrow Gel

Thrive Cosmetics Eyebrow tint
(Photo : Thrive Causemetics )

One final eyebrow tint that you can do at home is the Thrive Causemetics Instant Brow Fix Semi-Permanent Eyebrow Gel.

Garnering thousands of five-star ratings on the brand's website, this eyebrow gel provides instant, smudge-proof results that last 24 hours.

Due to its Semi-Permanent Micropigment Technology, the eyebrow gel imparts a waterproof color. The tapered brush quickly shapes and holds brows in place.

This is recommended for women who have naturally fuller brows and just want to fill in any sparse areas or address lost hair.