Hair colors for cool undertones
(Photo : Pexels/ Element5 Digital )

While everyone is free to experiment with their hair, some colors suit certain undertones more than others.

An unsuitable hair color can wash you out, but the right one will complement your skin and enhance your beauty by a few levels.

Cool undertones appear pink or blue on fair skin and purple or red on medium and deep skin tones. To find out if you have this undertone, check for blue or purple veins in your arms.

If you're a cool-toned person who wants to try something new, below are some hair colors that will complement your undertone.

Ash Blonde Hair

Among the many variations of blonde hair, including platinum, honey, and ash, the latter is highly recommended for those with cool undertones.

Platinum blonde hair can wash you out, but ash blonde avoids this pitfall because it doesn't have the yellow undertones present in other shades of blonde. Hair dye with yellow hues are known to lead to pastier-looking skin, and we want to avoid that.

Strawberry Blonde Hair

Strawberry blonde hair is characterized by light shades of red mixed with blonde, resulting in a copper appearance.

Celebrities like Amy Adams and Sydney Sweeney have been known to rock strawberry blonde hair, which is in demand in hair salons. Given its rarity as a natural hair color, women usually go to salons to get this exciting type of blonde.

This color is flattering to those with cool undertones because it brings a blend of warm and cool tones that accentuate your facial features.

Mahogany Hair Color

Deep purple looks fantastic on cool undertones, and one way to wear this in your hair is dyeing it a mahogany color.

Mahogany is a shade of red-brown that gives hair a deep purple finish with red undertones. Due to its red-brown finish, it can give the impression that there are highlights in your hair, especially when sunlight hits your tresses.

This color is recommended for anyone looking to make their skin tone and dark-colored eyes pop.

Dark Auburn Hair

Deep reddish hair complements those with cool undertones, giving them a flushed look. A darker auburn color is particularly recommended, especially for those with dark brown eyes, as it will make the eye color look deeper.

While lighter shades of auburn may appeal to some, they run the risk of giving those with cool undertones an orange or copper finish, which can wash them out.