indie sleaze woman
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The beauty landscape in 2024 is witnessing a revival of several trends that break away from the prevalent "clean girl" aesthetic. In addition to mob wife, beauty and fashion enthusiasts are excited about the resurgence of indie sleaze.

This trend, which also gathered momentum in 2022, emerged in the late 1990s and early 2000s, influenced by indie rock bands referencing artists from the 1960s and 1970s.

Indie sleaze, originating in response to the economic challenges of the Great Recession, is distinguished by its affordable, deliberately unkempt, and laid-back approach to vintage fashion styles. This style has garnered a devoted following within the hipster subculture and is closely associated with indie rock bands.

Defining features of the indie sleaze look encompass intentionally clashing layers or mismatched clothing, shaggy haircuts, vintage jewelry, scarves, and the application of shiny or smudged black eyeshadows. As this trend stages a comeback, it not only pays homage to the past but also injects a spirit of defiant individuality into contemporary fashion choices.

How to do indie sleaze makeup

indie sleaze makeup
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To fully embrace the indie sleaze aesthetic, mastering the corresponding makeup style is essential. Here's a simple guide.

Given that this look is synonymous with effortless, cool, and grunge, the key lies in achieving a smudged eyeliner or a smoky eye effect.

Begin by doing your base makeup routine as usual, keeping in mind that the eyes will be the focal point of this makeup look.

After this, apply a neutral-colored eyeshadow, particularly a light brown shade, blending it onto your eyelids and almost reaching the eyebrows.

Next, take a smaller brush to dab a dark-colored brown on the inner upper lash line, extending it to the lower lash line to act as an eyeliner substitute.

indie sleaze makeup
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Apply black eyeshadow to both the inner and outer corners of the eyes, blending and extending the line into your waterline. Work on smudging the eyeshadow, or alternatively, use a black eyeliner and lightly smudge it to achieve that distinct grunge appearance. Don't be afraid to look a little bit sleep deprived -- that's part of the charm. 

For an added touch of drama, introduce a hint of silver glitter or metallic silver in the middle part of the lids or in the inner corners of your eyes. To complete the eye makeup look, use a dark mascara for your lashes. 

indie sleaze makeup
(Photo : TikTok/auroradeleon_)

When it comes to the lips, the choice is yours, but staying true to the indie sleaze character involves a more natural look. Consider adding a gloss for a subtle shine to perfect the overall aesthetic.