5 Top Face Serums That Actually Works Based on Your Skin Type
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Hyperpigmentation is a skin condition that affects many women and men, characterized by excess melanin production resulting in brown, pink, or red spots on various parts of the face or body.

This condition can occur at any age, becoming more prevalent as one gets older or spends too much time under the sun without adequate skin protection.

You can use over-the-counter medications or visit a dermatologist to reduce appearance of hyperpigmentation.

Aside from medications, you can control hyperpigmentation by adding a vitamin C serum to your skincare routine. Vitamin C has the potential to fade hyperpigmentation when used consistently for months.

So which vitamin C serum should you purchase? Here are some options you can consider.

Bubble Day Dream Vitamin C + Niacinamide Tone & Texture Serum

Bubble serums
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One excellent choice is the Bubble Day Dream Vitamin C + Niacinamide Tone & Texture Serum.

This product is evens skin tone, reduces scarring, enhances brightness, and addresses dark spots and hyperpigmentation due to the vitamin C and niacinamide.

The serum is suitable for all skin types. It is especially beneficial for those with dry skin, dark spots, and discoloration.

Apply this daily after you wash your face in the morning and night to get visible results.

Physicians Formula Skin Booster Vitamin Shot

physicians formula
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Another serum that can help brighten and reduce the appearance dark spots is the Physicians Formula Skin Booster Vitamin Shot.

This serum is formulated with licorice and vitamin B3 to help even out skin tone.

The gel-like texture of the serum refreshes and replenishes the skin, giving you an extra boost in hydration, making it perfect for dry and sensitive skin.

ColourPop RAYdiate Vitamin C Elixir

Colourpop Vitamin C
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ColourPop's RAYdiate Vitamin C Elixir has 15% vitamin C to enhance skin radiance and achieve a brighter complexion.

Putting two to five drops on the palm and then applying it onto the face twice a day before moisturizing should help clear the skin from dark spots and discoloration over time.

Ingredients in this serum include sunflower oil, jojoba seeds, lavender, and grapefruit, which are perfect for helping with dullness and uneven skin tone.

Garnier Bright Complete Vitamin C Booster Serum

Garnier Bright Complex Vitamin C
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Garnier's Bright Complete Vitamin C Booster Serum features yuzu lemon extract to fade dark spots and acne marks. With its fast-absorbing, non-oily formula, it leaves the skin soft and ready for the next steps in your skincare routine.

Using this serum on your face and neck consistently should result in even skin tone within a couple of weeks. According to the brand's clinical study, some users of the product experienced bright, glowing skin in just three days.