shadow for brown eyes
(Photo : Pexels/ cottonbro studio)
Eyeshadows help eye colors stand out, particularly when chosen thoughtfully. The right eyeshadow can make eye colors appear brighter or mesh well with the natural hues.

This is especially true for individuals with brown eyes, as certain shadows can illuminate and enhance the richness of the color of their eyes.

Next time you do your makeup look, try the eyeshadow colors below if you want to make your eyes the center of attention.


One eyeshadow color that goes perfectly with brown eyes is green. It complements the brown, helping the eyes look lighter.

Deep greens or a combination of dark greens with shimmers, particularly for those with hazel and brown in their eyes, will provide a sparkling effect to the light shades of brown, giving your eyes a bit of a glimmer.

A minty green shadow will give you a neutral look and pick up any color on the brown of your eyes.

Experiment with different shades of green to see which one works best for you and gives you the results you want.


Purple shades, especially dark purples like eggplant or those with mixed with black for a smokey eye, provide a striking contrast to brown eyes. Whether you use light or dark purple, the color will make your eyes pop.

When using lighter shades, highlight your inner corners or add a light purple shimmer on top of it.

Pair purple shadows with a light pink or nude lipstick so the colors don't overwhelm each other.

Gold and Copper 

One of the most popular eyeshadow color choices for brown eyes is gold, as the shade blends well with brown hues.

Gold and copper shimmers will bring out the richness in your eyes in a subtle but elegant way.

Some techniques you can try is to add gold shimmer above brown eyeshadow to bring brightness or wear gold and copper shimmers by themselves.


Blue, being opposite brown on the color wheel, complements brown eyes wonderfully.

Dark blues, in particular, can bring out the depth of brown eyes and help them look bigger, especially for those with deep brown shades.

Consider a dark smoky eye with the blue shadows, mixing them with deeper blues and blacks.