Flatlay of makeup products
(Photo : Vecteezy/Yulia Gapeenko)

As skincare trends continue to be influenced by the popularity of Korean products, there is a parallel surge in makeup from Chinese beauty brands taking center stage on online platforms.

Concurrent with the rise of Chinese makeup trends, exemplified by the widespread adoption of Douyin makeup styles, there has been a corresponding global rise in recognition for these dynamic beauty labels.

Here are some of the Chinese beauty brands that are taking over the beauty community, especially on TikTok.

1. Judydoll

Judydoll is a popular Chinese makeup brand known for leading color trends and encouraging people to discover their daily makeup style. The brand is all about vibrant colors and is always striving to help individuals express themselves better through makeup. With a focus on improvement and self-discovery, Judydoll is making waves as an empowering force in the beauty world.

Among its viral TikTok products are the 3D Curling Eyelash Iron Mascara, a waterproof mascara featuring advanced 3D black technology matrix and steel tube technology, and the Ice Watery Lip Gloss, providing you with the fashionable Douyin glossy lips.

2. Florasis

Florasis has been gaining attention on TikTok for a while due to its elegantly crafted makeup products with intricate packaging. Beyond the attractive cases, their items, such as exquisitely engraved eyeshadow palettes and velvet lipsticks, are renowned for their impressive pigmentation.

Their latest release draws inspiration from nomadic glam, presenting a creative concept that incorporates earth tones and packaging inspired by wanderlust.

3. Flower Knows

Flower Knows gained popularity for its incredibly beautiful packaging, creating an enchanting experience that makes anyone feel like a princess or an angel. The brand's mission is to rekindle the spirit of your inner child with makeup inspired by dreams and artistic craftsmanship.

The delicate color palette of pink, gold, silver, and cream, coupled with intricate and ethereal designs on their packaging, has captivated makeup enthusiasts around the world. Due to its packaging, the brand has also been associated with the trendy "coquette" aesthetic.

4. Perfect Diary

Founded in 2017, Perfect Diary offers a more sophisticated and diverse approach to makeup and packaging compared to the other ones in this list. Despite this, the brand remains committed to embracing uniqueness and diversity, as evident in its lineup inspired by wild animals.

Two of its top-selling makeup palettes, Explorer Eyeshadow Palette 14 Butterfly and Explorer Eyeshadow Palette 13 Red Fox, have taken TikTok by storm. The Butterfly palette, in particular, has gained viral popularity due to its inventive butterfly-shaped eyeshadow stamp, providing users with an exciting way to add captivating effects to their skin.

5. Catkin

Catkin Cosmetics, founded in 2007, proudly blends chinoiserie style with fashionable colors, revitalizing the aesthetic perception of national style.

The beauty brand draws inspiration from its rich oriental cultural heritage, intertwining modern aesthetics in its design, and leveraging contemporary technologies to produce makeup products. Its offerings embody the essence of modern chinoiserie, prioritizing skincare-grade quality, cruelty-free formulations, and a commitment to vegan standards.