perfume - books (Photo : Vecteezy/Diana Johanna Velasquez)

Beyond the usual floral, sweet gourmand, mint, and soapy fragrances lies a realm of truly peculiar scents.

These aren't your typical flower- or fruit-scented perfumes. Instead, imagine odors that evoke disagreeable locations, the distinct scent of freshly printed bills, and yes, even the essence of sweat.

Below is a list of five exceptional fragrances, each boasting an extraordinary and uncommon scent profile.

1. Comme Des Garçons Series 6 Synthetic: Garage By Comme Des Garçons

Garage By Comme Des Garçons smells like -- you guessed it -- a garage. A rugged, masculine scent that oddly appeals to men's sensibilities, it is crafted to transport you back to childhood memories with its peculiar aroma. Envision your family home's garage, complete with your father's car and his array of tools.

Its key notes are aldehydes, kerosene, leather, and plastic, intermingled with hints of florals, vetiver, and cedar. This fragrance is characterized by dominant leather and aldehydic accords, according to Fragrantica.

2. Night Eau de Parfum by Akro

Akro's Night Eau de Parfum captures sensuality, echoing the aftermath of intimacy. It emanates the essence of clean sweat, interlacing subtle soapy and powdery fragrances with a blend of human and romantic scents, reminiscent of the aroma lingering on bed sheets after passionate lovemaking.

Described by Fragrantica as a woody, spicy fragrance for both women and men, it combines fresh spiciness with delicate hints of rose.

3. Money Eau de Parfum by Liquid Money

This fragrance is synonymous with the scent of luxury and prosperity. Money Eau De Parfum capture the essence of dollar bills, exuding an aura of success.

Patrick McCarthy, the project creator, aimed to instill motivation for success through these scents, inspired by a Japanese study showing increased productivity in environments infused with the aroma of money.

Presented in two variations -- Her Money and His Money -- tailored for feminine and masculine tones, respectively.

As noted by Fragrantica, Her Money by Liquid Money is money mixed with floral and fruity fragrance designed for women, while His Money is money combined with a woody and aquatic fragrance crafted for men.

4. Dead Writers Immortal Perfume

You're likely familiar with the pleasant scent of a newly purchased book, but how about a perfume inspired by the aroma of old library books? Dead Writers Perfume was designed to replicate that nostalgic scent of aging books found in libraries.

JT Siems, the perfumer behind this fragrance, is an avid book lover. With a passion for literature, Siems sought to craft a scent that encapsulated the experience of flipping through aged leather-bound books while enjoying a cup of tea, according to Fragrantica.

5. Sushi Demeter Fragrance

Gourmand fragrances that are not sweet are uncommon. An example of this is the Sushi Demeter Fragrance. Contrary to expectation, this scent doesn't carry the pungency of fish; instead, it captures the smell of freshly cooked sticky rice, seaweed, ginger, and lemon. The result is a refreshing, ethereal aroma with a light and airy quality, according to Demeter.

As described by Fragrantica, its primary accords revolve around marine, aquatic, and savory notes, further enhancing its unique olfactory profile.