nails (Photo : Vecteezy/Ines Bazdar)

In a world full of long acrylic nails, sometimes it's nice to have short nails, especially if you are a busy person.

Many women prefer nice short nails as they make everyday life easier, and long nails can be uncomfortable for some.

But even if you have short nails, that doesn't mean you can't do a fun design or colors, and there is plenty of nail space to do so.

Below are six nail manicure ideas for those with short nails.

Pastel Rainbow Nails

Pastel Nail Ideas (Photo : Pexels/Michelle Leman )

Colorful nails are always on-trend, and no matter the season, having a pop of color is never a bad idea. Though it's winter, pastel colors can still be in style, and you don't have to stick to the dark winter colors.

This idea is great for those who want colorful short nails that will match any pastel-colored attire. You can opt for as many colors as you want and mix and match them to your liking.

Gemstone Nails

Gemstone Nails (Photo : Pexels/Sebastian Balog )

Bedazzling nails is perfect for those who want to try something new and creative this year. Whether you have them done at a nail salon or try it yourself, you won't be disappointed when you receive many compliments on your gorgeous nails.

There are so many fun ways to have gemstone nails. These include covering your nails with gems or creating patterns and designs using them on polish-covered nails.

Dark Green Design

Dark Green Nails (Photo : Pexels/Kristina Paukshtite )

Dark green is a color that looks fantastic on all skin tones and all nail shapes; it's perfect for both wintertime and fall.

Dark green also looks great on short nails and can give you the pop of color you want if you find yourself bored with your nails this year.

There are different ways to do this. You can paint all your nails dark green and add a design on one nail.

Another idea is to use both dark green and a lighter shade of green for a mix-and-match design.

Polka Dot Nails

Polka Dot Nails (Photo : Pexels/locrifa)

Polka dots are one of the most common patterns seen in clothing, jewelry, handbags, and nails. Women and men enjoy the simple yet stunning look that polka dots provide, and it's a nice idea for those wanting a festive nail design.

The polka dot pattern can be rocked in many different ways depending on your favorite colors and preferences.

Some ideas include using one color as the base and picking a darker version of that color for the dots. Another idea is to create rainbow nails like the one above and only use white nail polish for the dot design.

Artsy, Abstract Nails

Abstract nails (Photo : Pexels/Vlad Chetan )
Getting creative with your nails is always fun, and looking for ideas can be enjoyable as well. For those who want something unique that you won't find another person wearing, you can try artsy, abstract nails. If you prefer a more retro look, it's up to you to decide your design preference. Either way, creating a painting on your nails is never a bad idea. Just make sure you have a small-tip brush to use for your design.

Stripes Design

Stripes (Photo : Pexels/Shae Devereaux )

One nail design that doesn't ever go out of style is stripes. Even though this style looks great with long nails, you can still rock it with short ones, and it's easy to do.

The fun part of this idea is that you can make the stripes however you like: horizontal, vertical, thick or thin. Either way, you can be creative.