'High Maintenance' Trend (Photo : Pexels/ KoolShooters)

In the past year alone, numerous beauty trends went viral on TikTok. One trend currently dominating the platform is "high maintenance to be low maintenance."

The high maintenance to be low maintenance trend, which has garnered over 60 million views on TikTok, involves beauty and skincare routines designed to save you time and energy in the long run. Treatments that fall under this trend, such as haircare, eyebrow tinting, and lash extensions, allow you to go weeks without worrying about touch-ups.

Let's break the trend down and explore different ways to incorporate it into your life based on your preferences. 


One common way women and men are hopping on this trend is by investing time and money in skincare routines and treatments.

Facials are a long-term solution for maintaining healthy skin, depending on your skin type and specific concerns. Once a facial is done, you can feel and see a difference in your skin, as it can address issues such as blackheads, dry skin, and clogged pores.

Do your research before booking a facial to determine which type will keep your skin amazing in the long run. 

Eyelash Extensions

Another beauty treatment that people following this trend usually get is lash extensions. This is perfect for those who don't enjoy applying mascara or false lashes every day or every time they go out.  

Getting lash extensions not only cuts time from your morning beauty routine but also allows you to wake up and go to sleep with longer lashes.

With this, you save a significant amount of time each week, and in some cases, you don't even have to apply any eye makeup. 

Waxing or Laser Hair Removal

The constant worry about shaving body hair, especially in the summer, can be a hassle. If you invest in waxing or hair removal, you can put your razor away and relax for a couple of weeks. Of course, this all depends on the type of removal you get done and the type of hair you have.

Waxing, despite being painful, will leave your skin smooth and hair-free for many weeks. Most of the time, it'll be four to six weeks.

For those looking for a longer-lasting solution, laser hair removal might be right for you, as it can last for months or even years, depending on the treatment. 

Gel Manicures

One beauty routine that tends to either consume a significant amount of time for both women and men or get overlooked is nail care.

Even a small mistake can ruin a manicure, and no one enjoys having chipped nails. But by getting a gel manicure, you can enjoy shiny nails without worrying about repairing or fixing chipped spots.

Gel manicures can last for weeks, making them the perfect nail option for those constantly on the go and don't have time to retouch their nails.