Long hair man (Photo : Pexels/ Armin Rimoldi )

Long hair on both men and women can be both a blessing and a curse, especially for those who have thick locks.

We have seen men on red carpets and social media experimenting with their long hair, coming up with new ideas on how to style it. Just like these men, it takes people years to find what works with their hair texture and face shape.

For those seeking brand-new hair ideas, let's explore various ways for men to style their long locks this year. 

The Man Bun

Man bun (Photo : Pexels/foad shariyati)

Anyone on the go has styled their hair in a quick, messy bun at least once or twice; it is one of the most convenient hairstyles.

The man bun, in particular, has become a popular trend, and what was once a simple hairstyle is now used even in the most formal events. Men with long hair in need of a quick and easy idea should try this updo, especially if they are in a rush or need an everyday hairstyle. 

Slicked Back

Man with long hair (Photo : Pexels/ SHVETS production)

Unlike the man bun, the slicked-back hairdo is for those looking to achieve a more polished appearance with their hair. Whether it's a formal event, a family party or a birthday celebration, a slicked-back hairstyle is always a good choice for long hair.

Aside from wearing it to an event, it's also a great idea for when you find yourself with oily locks and aren't sure what to do with your hair.

All you have to do is brush all the hair back and use either a brush or your hands with some gel to keep it in place.

Boxer Braids

Boxer braids (Photo : Pexels/Farhad Irani )

Boxer braids have become a popular hairstyle with men and women. As an easy hairdo that you can wear for many days and not have to worry about re-touching, this look has become a go-to for many.

Braids are recommended for people of all hair types, especially those with thick, curly hair they have a hard time maintaining.

This hairdo is also very easy to try. If you have never done braids before, you can get them braided by a professional or follow a tutorial on social media. 

Grunge Bob

Messy Bob (Photo : Pexels/David Martin Jr.)

Rockstars like Harry Styles have been known to rock the grunge bob as a way to keep their hair stylish and out of their face.

A grunge bob is when the hair falls a little bit under or above the shoulder and is styled in messy waves. The hair is also brushed all to one side or parted on the side instead of the middle to create a "woke up like this" appearance.

Any man with shoulder-length hair just needs to add a little mousse and brush the bob to the side of their liking.