woman frizzy hair (Photo : Vecteezy/dao_kp20226443)

It's commonly discussed how winter can be harsh on hair, but did you know that warm weather can also pose challenges for your locks?

In cold weather, moisture depletion is a well-known issue for hair. On the other hand, during warm and humid conditions, the abundance of moisture in the air can lead to water molecules infiltrating the hair shaft, altering internal bonds. This process, as described by haircare giant Pantene, can lead to frizzy strands.

Below are the ways to prevent frizz during humid days.

1. Wear your hair up

One of the simplest ways to manage frizz on humid days is by styling your hair in a bun. This technique effectively controls frizz.

By securing your hair in a bun, you not only tame the unruliness caused by humidity but also protect it from excess exposure to moisture in the air. This helps you maintain a presentable look throughout the day.

2. Incorporate hair oils into your hair care routine

Hair oils serve as excellent agents for nourishing and conditioning your hair, playing a role in preventing both dryness and frizz. Their versatile benefits make them a year-round essential in your hair care regimen, regardless of the season.

During summer, when hair is exposed to sun, heat, and humidity, these oils help retain moisture and prevent your locks from becoming frizzy.

3. Use microfiber towel to dry your hair

If you want to step up your hair care game, consider investing in a microfiber towel. The unique properties of microfiber fabric are known for their ability to minimize frizz when drying hair, particularly beneficial for maintaining a neat appearance on humid days.

Unlike traditional towels, microfiber's ultra-fine fibers are gentle on hair cuticles, reducing friction and preventing unnecessary damage while efficiently absorbing excess moisture, according to hair care brand Straand.

4. Consider applying hairspray before going out

If you don't want to put your hair up in a bun but are concerned about its endurance in humid weather, consider using hairspray as a solution. Opting for hairspray not only enables your chosen hairstyle to maintain its shape but also guards against the potential disarray caused by high humidity levels.

5. Use anti-frizz hair products

The key to maintaining healthy locks during humid days begins in the shower. When selecting shampoo and conditioner, opt for anti-frizz products specifically formulated to combat humidity and maintain moisture balance.

These specialized products act as a barrier against humidity, keeping your hair hydrated and manageable even in challenging weather conditions.