men's fragrance - perfume (Photo : Vecteezy/Rendi Syahrul Zarkoni)

Some fragrances, which had their own moments in the spotlight, have come and gone. Yet, certain classic men's fragrances have effortlessly stood the test of time, retaining their relevance even to this day.

These enduring scents have transcended fleeting trends, solidifying their place as timeless icons in the world of men's fragrance.

Below are five men's scents that fit the classic category. 

Creed Green Irish Tweed Eau de Parfum - $350 to $1,865

Debuting in 1985, Creed Green Irish Tweed has been a beloved classic for years. This scent, crafted by Olivier Creed, draws inspiration from his family's equestrian heritage and the vibrant green countryside of Emerald Isle.

With hints of freshly cut grass and a breezy sea aroma, this men's fragrance embodies the clean, natural essence of the Irish countryside. Its distinct dry, grassy notes capture the essence of hay, delivering a refreshing and earthy scent.

This fragrance features citrus, fresh air, and woody tones. It starts with lemon verbena and iris as top notes, embraces violet leaf in the middle, and settles into a base of ambergris and sandalwood, as per Fragrantica.

Chanel Pour Monsieur Eau De Parfum Spray - $130

Chanel's first men's scent, Pour Monsieur, was introduced in 1955 as an eau de toilette. Its transition to an eau de parfum enhances its essence while preserving its subtle, alluring woody-chypre character, which is essentially elegant but calm.

As described by Chanel, Pour Monsieur's composition opens with lavender and Sicilian lemon notes, with its heart carrying a spicy nutmeg note. It then settles into a woodsy note that lingers, with a hint of vanilla.

Christian Dior Eau Sauvage Parfum - $118.99

Christian Dior introduced Eau Sauvage Parfum in 1966 and relaunched it in 2017. This classic scent is strong, sensual, and aromatic. It starts with top notes of lemon, bergamot, basil, rosemary, caraway, and some fruity hints, and its base notes include oakmoss, vetiver, musk and amber, according to Fragrantica.

Dior's 2017 version boosts Eau Sauvage's sunny feel with warm, radiant touches, making it deeper, fuller, vibrant, and fresh.

Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio Eau De Toilette - $42 to $155

Giorgio Armani's Acqua Di Gio is another cult-favorite. This fresh, woody fragrance starts with Calabrian bergamot, neroli, and green tangerine.

As per Fragrantica, in this cologne's heart, you'll find a mix of sea notes, jasmine, calone, peach, rosemary, freesia, hyacinth, cyclamen, coriander, violet, nutmeg, rose, and mignonette. As it settles, the base notes of white musk, cedar, oakmoss, patchouli, and amber linger, giving it a well-rounded and enduring scent loved by many.

Ralph Lauren Polo Blue Cologne - $88 to $134

Though a more recent addition compared to other classics, the Ralph Lauren Polo Blue Cologne has dominated as a top-selling aquatic scent for men since its 2003 launch.

Ralph Lauren describes this scent as a fusion of juicy, water-rich melon for an energizing burst of freshness, harmonized by the velvety aromatic tones of sage and basil verbena.

Its top notes include cucumber, melon, and mandarin orange, while the middle notes showcase basil, sage, and geranium. As the fragrance settles, the base notes unfold with suede, woodsy notes, and musk, as detailed by Fragrantica.

This composition captures a blend of invigorating elements, creating a scent that's both contemporary and enduring. It appeals to a wide audience seeking a refreshing and sophisticated scent.

In 2022, the luxury brand launched the Polo Blue Eau de Parfum, described as "intense," "sensual" and "luxurious." The original cologne version was more on the "cool" and "fresh" side.