Men's Grooming (Photo : Vecteezy/Ines Bazdar)

TikTok has become many people's go-to source of beauty and skincare tips, as you can easily find a video addressing any question or concern related to these topics. Of course, this includes both men and women.

The stereotype that caring about one's skin and appearance is solely associated with women is long gone, as men of all ages are now focusing on taking care of their looks.

For men trying to find the best influencers for grooming advice, check out the ones below!

Fellipe Cardoso

With 4 million likes on TikTok, Fellipe Cardoso uses his hair and grooming expertise to provide all types of content for men.

Within his TikTok page, you can find all kinds of advice, including those about hair health, shaving mistakes, haircuts for men, products to use for specific hair and skin types, and how to prevent razor bumps.

Cardoso is a content creator to follow for men who are looking for quick expert advice.

Jerron "Ronnie" Mitchell

Jerron "Ronnie" Mitchell is a licensed esthetician and phlebotomist with 200,000 followers on TikTok.

Within his page, viewers can watch a variety of content that can help them in their journey to taking care of their looks. These include tutorials, skincare tips, and videos of him working on his clients who have unique skincare concerns.

He not only posts videos of his work, but he also shares advice and tricks to solve skincare and health issues you may have. The skincare subjects Mitchell has tackled in his videos include psoriasis, chemical peels, and blackheads.

Trell The Trainer

After going to prison at the age of 19 and being incarcerated for four years, Dontrell Britton, popularly known as Trell the Trainer on social media, decided to change his life. During his time behind bars, he began his workout journey and taught others the correct way to get in shape. Other inmates started training with him after seeing his results.

Once he was out of prison in 2015, he got himself a personal training certificate and started filming and posting fitness videos. What started as workout videos in his building's laundry room became a career, and he now has 1.6 million followers on TikTok and is one of Washington's top trainers.

While he's known for his fitness content, he also teaches his followers how to take care of themselves in all capacities, including hygiene, fashion, healthy meal ideas, and skincare.