Gel nails (Photo : Vecteezy/Oleg Gapeenko)

Japan-based chemical company Green Science Alliance (GSA) has unveiled its new plant-based vegan gel nails.

Dr. Hirotoshi Umemoto, Mr. Hideki Konishi, and Dr. Ryohei Mori spearheaded the creation of the latest products under the trademark "with Re:soil." The name was conceived from the idea of crafting cosmetics that return to earth through biodegradation.

As per GSA, the vegan gel nails have the potential to aid in decreasing carbon dioxide emissions.

Traditional gel and acrylic nails, beside being non-biodegradable, pose a significant environmental concern as they're categorized as toxic waste. Likewise, research revealed that conventional nail polishes could have potential environmental repercussions when they enter into aquatic systems.

On the other hand, around 22 to 24% of the components of vegan nail products come from plant-based sources. Unlike typical nail cosmetics, the color pigment isn't from petroleum but rather from inorganic pigment, keeping it eco-friendly.

GSA's innovation extends to creating artificial nail tips using plant-based gel nails, marking the first time nail tips were crafted entirely from plant-derived materials, according to the company.

The Re:soil nail cosmetic line is available for purchase on the company's online store. The newly developed vegan gel nails are expected to hit shelves by the end of this year or early next year.

GSA specializes in green technology for a sustainable, carbon-neutral society and seeks to replace all chemical products based on petroleum and fossil fuels with those sourced from natural plant biomass.

Its parent company, Fuji Pigment, boasts over 85 years of expertise in developing petroleum-based color chemical products.

Mori, the head of GSA, previously created water-based biomass biodegradable nail polish, vegan nail polish, a vegan nail polish remover, and artificial nail tips derived from plants.