Nails (Photo : Pexels/Kristina Paukshtite)

During the holidays, people tend to get creative, whether it's with their home decorations, Christmas trees or looks.

Everyone can agree that this time of the year brings out the best in people who are excited for some holiday cheer before the year ends.

The holidays also give everyone an excuse to dress up and show off their favorite makeup looks and fashions when celebrating with family or hanging out with friends.

One part of the winter look that should not be ignored is the nails.

Here are some creative and fun nail trends and ideas you can try for the holidays.

Peppermint Nails

Peppermint candy is associated with the winter season, and red-and-white-striped ornaments inspired by the treat are often used as decorations on Christmas trees and in homes.

A peppermint-inspired manicure is perfect for the winter because it'll match your favorite Christmas sweater or any festive attire you wear to spend time with your loved ones.

There are a lot of ways to do this look, so don't worry about others having the same nails. Whether your nails are short or long, you can come up with fun ways to wear them.

One idea is to paint all your nails red and keep one nail with the peppermint design for a simple look. Another idea is to do a pink peppermint design look where the nails are painted pink and have white stripes across.

Gold Ombré

Gold is one of the most popular colors during the holiday season. With all the festive events going on, you want to make sure you shine in all compartments.

Gold ombré nails are perfect for those who want a design they can wear for Christmas and New Year's. They will complement any attire you choose to wear.

For those who enjoy simple and elegant nails, this is the best idea and can be done in many creative ways.

If you can't decide what shape to choose, try this design with oval or almond-shaped nails.

Plenty of social media users have shared their own versions of the manicure. Check out one below.

Dark Green

Dark green is a color that looks amazing with every skin tone and nail shape. During the winter, we see plenty of green as it's one of the colors associated with the holidays. Dark green, in particular, looks elegant when worn during this festive season.

A dark green manicure is best for those who aren't into designs and want something simple with a pop of color.

Those who don't want to spend money and go to a nail salon can also try this idea. You can do these nails even in your own home.

Snowflake Nails

One popular design that's always trending during the winter season is snowflake-inspired manicure. Not only do they go with the holidays, but they also match when it's a snowy day.

This trend is perfect for anyone looking to match the winter weather and want something that complements everything in your closet.

One way to try this design is by painting your nails light blue and creating a snowflake design over the blue base so your nails match the sky during a snowy day.

Another idea is to do one finger with a white french tip and add a snowflake design on another. This way, you have a mix and match look on your hands.

Check out one social media user's version of the snowflake-inspired nail trend below.

Pink and Silver Nails

For those obsessed with pink and like to incorporate it into their nails, you can rock pink and silver nails this holiday season.

Pink and silver have always looked great together, whether on ornaments or makeup looks.

Incorporating these two colors together in your manicure this winter season will have you ready for any event. The nails will also be good to wear with your everyday attire.

Which of these winter nail trends will you be trying this year?