Representation women looking at phone. (Photo : Pexels/Ketut Subiyanto )

Bastille Parfums has introduced a fresh approach to transparency.

By combining Avery Dennison's radio frequency identification (RFID) sensor technology and QR codes, the French company, known for its sustainable and natural fragrances, opened up its supply chain like never before.

Bastille tagged its products with an RFID label, allowing the company to track and trace them across its entire supply chain. The technology also helps the company manage stock better and fight counterfeits, according to a press release.

But the tech isn't just about knowing where things are. It helps fix issues, improve services, and make everything smoother, from sourcing to selling.

The secret to this transparency lies in digital IDs for each product. It's like a twin, giving Bastille eyes on its supply chain from start to finish.

Real-time updates on orders will bring more accuracy, and understanding how customers interact with scents will give the company a new level of insight.

Consumers want to know more about what they buy, and Bastille is listening. It linked two of its fragrances, Pleine Lune and Paradis Nuit, with QR codes tied to RFID tags.

Scanning the codes with a smartphone will unlock a digital vault of information -- ingredient origins, bottling dates, fragrance notes, and sustainability details. Each item's digital ID ensures a unique experience.

Sophie Maisant, Bastille's CEO, said in a statement obtained by Premium Beauty News, "When we met Avery Dennison, it felt obvious the RFID technology was essential to go even further. Not only does it help us achieve our transparency ambitions towards our consumers, but it also involves operational excellence, which adds to our promise."

"I think we are the only brand to have chosen to communicate the date when our products were made and bottled, only by scanning a QR Code. And it is just the first step; we will soon cover the whole logistics chain. I would love to be able to track products up to the flower, with our partner, IFF. This technology offers endless possibilities. We can add as much content as we want," Maisant added.

This collaboration isn't just between Bastille and Avery Dennison; it also includes SharpEnd, a customer experience expert, and Socos Services, its manufacturing partner. 

Uwe Hennig from Avery Dennison said, "Beauty brands need to be transparent and create unique experiences. Partnering with Bastille lets us do both."