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Representation of a woman touching her face.

Silab has launched Myoline, an anti-stress mineral concentrate derived from watercress.

The French company said in a release that Myoline delivers a "Botox-like" effect by relaxing facial muscles, smoothing expression lines within days of treatment.

Described as a natural relaxing active ingredient, Myoline addresses the impact of emotions on skin health, particularly the manifestation of stress on facial skin, according to Silab.

"The tension of facial muscles and the secretion of stress mediators in the skin are responsible for the premature appearance of expression wrinkles and a dull complexion," the company stated.

After conducting research on the mineral-rich plant watercress, Silab created Myoline, which targets stress effects, both behavioral and biological.

Explaining how it works, the natural active ingredient manufacturer said Myoline acts on the neuromuscular junction to impart a myorelaxing, or skeletal-muscle-relaxing, action.  

In tests, the patented active ingredient acted like Botox, smoothing expression lines of young skin and softening wrinkles of mature skin in just five days, providing a retouched photo-like effect, according to Silab.

Additionally, Myoline influences the secretion of well-being mediators, stimulating the oxytocin and endocannabinoid pathways to enhance skin homeostasis.

Volunteers in the study reported reduced stress perception, improved skin quality, restored barrier function, increased hydration, and enhanced radiance of the complexion.

Silab's commitment extends beyond product development to ethical and sustainable sourcing. The company has adopted a local, traced, secure, and environmentally-friendly approach by upcycling watercress not used in the food sector.

Silab supports the watercress farm supplying the raw material in the construction of an industrial dryer, ensuring quality control and diversification of the farmer’s activities.

To secure the supply, Silab utilized the molecular barcoding technique for raw material authentication.

Myoline is recommended at concentrations of 0.5% to 2.0%. It is available in an aqueous solution, easy to formulate, and complies with global cosmetic regulations, according to Silab.

Consult with a skincare professional first before starting any new skincare regimen. It’s always important to remember that individual results may vary, and what works well for one person may not work as well for another.