woman with blue eyeshadow (Photo : Pexels/Cottonbro Studio)

Another year, another set of beauty trends among Gen Z and Millenials. 

Pinterest, the popular image sharing platform beloved by beauty and fashion enthusiasts, has unveiled its latest Pinterest Predicts report, forecasting the trends to watch out for in the realms of style and beauty in 2024.

"That latest viral hits might be fun to watch -- but they're problematic for brands and marketers to fully leverage because they are unpredictable and short lived," said Stacy Malone, vice president of global business marketing at Pinterest. "While on other platforms trends come and go rapidly, Pinterest Predicts trends last longer than anywhere else on the internet, offering marketers the ultimate cheat sheet to shape their marketing campaigns in 2024."

Pinterest Predicts is said to have an 80% success rate. Last year, it accurately anticipated the surge in "skinification" in haircare, a trend that dominated 2023.

Its most recent forecast points to aquamarine makeup, jellyfish aesthetic, oversized jewelry, and other styles taking center stage as the predominant beauty trends in the upcoming year. 

Keep an eye out for these emerging beauty trends in the year ahead:

Blue Beauty

According to Pinterest Predicts, aquamarine makeup is making a confident return, appearing more bolder than in the past. 

In 2024, Gen Z and Millennials are expected to explore blue glam makeup and soft pastel blue eyeshadow in their quest to integrate this iconic '60s style into their contemporary beauty regimens.

Trending search terms included:

1. Blue eyeshadow aesthetic +65%

2. Fun blue nails +260%

3. Light blue prom makeup +70%

4. Aqua makeup look +100%

5. Blue quince makeup +85%

Head to Glow

The Pinterest Predicts report for 2024 indicated a significant focus on bodycare. Both Boomers and Gen Z are expected to use luxury lotions, create spa experiences at home, and prioritize "serious" SPF usage. 

This shift, according to the forecast, highlighted the importance of extending skincare beyond the face to provide essential tender loving care.

Trending search terms included:

1. Sunscreen +75%

2. Body moisturizer aesthetic +245%

3. Spa aesthetic +60%

4. Body skincare routine +1,025%

5. Bodycare +845%

Make It Big

According to the report, 2024 will witness a trend towards larger, more daring beauty and jewelry choices. Millennials and Gen Z are anticipated to embrace oversized opulence, seeking styles that complement their fluffy hair aesthetic.

Expect a surge in demand for sculptural jewelry and larger-than-life accessories as they transition into coveted must-haves, as per Pinterest.

Trending search terms include:

1. Chunky hoops +45%

2. Big braids hairstyles +30%

3. Wavy perm men +50%

4. Big bun +230%

Be Jelly

The new Pinterest report unveiled a 2024 trend encompassing home decor, couture, and beauty, all influenced by the beloved jellyfish aesthetic, creating an overarching mood. Gen Z and Millennials are propelling this whimsical and squishy aesthetic into the spotlight.

Part of this trend is the unique jellyfish haircut featuring a short hair layer in the front, similar to either a bob or a bowl cut, complemented by longer layers that reach down to the shoulders or further down, reminiscent of the form of a jellyfish.

Trending search terms include:

1. Jellyfish haircut +615%

2. Jellyfish hat +220%

3. Jellyfish umbrella +195%

4. Blue jellyfish +155%

5. Jellyfish lamp +95%