Representation (Photo : Pexels/Alex Kinkate)
Representation of black and makeup palette and brush set.

This holiday season is enjoying a blast from the past as the '90s revival takes the reins in makeup trends, reshaping choices for Christmas parties.

Carly Utting of MAC Cosmetics predicted that the "latte" makeup, featuring brown hues across the face, will be a major makeup trend in Christmas parties this year, as reported by Metro.

The makeup expert also said silver and purple shades are gaining ground, replacing reds and golds.

"Metallics in cooler tones are making a huge statement this season," Utting told Metro.

She noted that metallic blues, chrome silvers, and purples are in the spotlight, paired with a glossy nude lip.

The artist also said that the natural look is a trend this year.

"Skin is also back in a big way," Utting said, underscoring the importance of skincare that transforms tired skin into a radiant canvas, reducing the need for heavy makeup.

For those attached to classic reds, Kure Bazaar offers a range of red shades suited to various skin tones. Utting advised pairing these with hydrated, minimal skin for a modern look.

Purple hues are prevalent in Charlotte Tilbury's Christmas palette, Prada's collection, and Maybelline's upcoming plum-colored mascara.

Jen Lyons from NARS also emphasized the dominance of cool tones in eye and lip makeup, reminiscent of the soft '90s smokey palette, this holiday season.

"Purple, greys, [and] ashy browns work great on all skin tones -- but these tones need a strong color with them to really pop, so pair with a couple of coats of a black mascara and a well blushed cheek," Lyons told Metro.

Experts also suggested exploring orangey undertones for those hesitant about purple or berry-toned lipsticks, recommending subtle eyeshadow with a focus on balance and vibrant colors.

Last year's vibrant, "Euphoria"-inspired makeup trends are replaced by a simpler approach this year, demanding less expertise and time.

Hollie Ellis, Bobbi Brown pro artist, praised the simplicity of the latte trend, which allows for one-product application for an effortless, monochromatic look on eyes, cheeks, and lips.

During festivities, Ellis suggested opting for metallic silver over glittery gold, aligning with the darker, androgynous vibe of the '90s for an elevated appearance.