Representation (Photo : Pexels/Shiny Diamond)
Representation of a woman with a glass skin.

The answer to achieving "glass skin" might just be in your kitchen.

Vicky Derosa, a wellness expert, recently unveiled her natural skincare routine on TikTok, sparking the interest of beauty enthusiasts seeking affordable yet effective solutions to getting flawless, glowing skin.

Known for dispensing anti-aging advice, the V Well Health founder, 59, said her "glass skin" hack involves items found in the kitchen rather than pricey beauty products.

"If you want to get clean, clear skin, and you have tried everything on TikTok, every expensive product that people have recommended...I just want to show you my beauty routine," she remarked in one of her videos.

Her first tip was to use clove water as a daily toner. Derosa showed her followers how she makes clove water at home by boiling 250 milliliters of water with cloves.

The wellness expert said she then applies olive oil infused with a sprinkle of frankincense on her face. Derosa claimed that studies have shown that frankincense helps reduce age spots and blemishes.

In addition to these, she also said she uses black seed oil, a natural remedy for various ailments, emphasizing its efficacy in eliminating pimples.

"If I wake up with a pimple, I put this stuff on, and it's gone within days," she claimed.

Derosa's unconventional skincare routine also includes chilled metal spoons that she places on her eyes for a few minutes to combat morning puffiness. She said that the cold sensation from the spoons have a rejuvenating effect.

The TikTok video received an influx of user reactions, with many expressing surprise at the dual utility of household items like clove water.

Some users shared testimonials affirming the efficacy of the ingredient.

"It's incredible! I found clove water in my fridge, and now I'm all in for this beauty hack," one user exclaimed, echoing the sentiment of many impressed viewers.

Another chimed in, endorsing the use of clove oil, saying, "I use clove oil, and it's amazing.”