After establishing a presence in the makeup industry, Selena Gomez's Rare Beauty is now branching out into body care, introducing an exciting new collection this month.

Rare Beauty unveiled its Find Comfort body collection Monday, featuring four products that will be available for purchase on the Sephora and Rare Beauty websites starting on Dec. 19. 

In an email interview with Elle Magazine, Gomez said that expanding was always part of the plan. 

The Rare Beauty founder emphasized that the decision to enter body care with the Find Comfort body collection was deliberate and something she had envisioned since the beginning, waiting for the right timing to execute it.

"Deciding to move into body care with the Find Comfort Body Collection was a thoughtful choice for us and something I knew I wanted to do from the start but only when the timing was right," she told the magazine.

"We wanted to offer a well-rounded experience, so we started with four key products: hand cream, body lotion, body and hair mist, and an aromatherapy pen. Each product took a different amount of time to develop, making sure they truly represented our brand and delivered a sensory experience in line with the collection's theme," the singer wrote. 

According to Gomez, Rare Beauty sees self-comfort as embracing oneself and discovering contentment within, without chasing perfection in everyday rituals. This philosophy inspired the collection's name.

"For us, self-comfort aligns with self-acceptance and feeling good in your own skin without the need for perfect routines. It's those small moments of comfort that matter and can be different for everyone," she added.

The first product in the collection is the Find Comfort Body & Hair Fragrance Mist ($28), described on Rare Beauty's website as an "uplifting fragrance" imbued with notes of sparkling lemon zest, jasmine, and cashmere wood. It promises to leave both skin and hair "feeling fresh, soft, and hydrated."

The Find Comfort Hydrating Lotion ($28) boasts a nutrient-enriched formula that shares similar notes with the fragrance mist.

According to the site, the lotion offers 24-hour hydration without feeling greasy, delivering a fresh sensation while nourishing and softening the skin, promoting a "healthy, renewed glow."

Another item in the collection is the Find Comfort Hydrating Hand Cream ($20), which claims to be a "fast-absorbing hand cream."   

Like the other products, it carries notes of sparkling lemon zest, jasmine, and cashmere wood. The hand cream claims to provide 16-hour hydration to hands, promising softened skin with a refreshing, non-greasy feel.

Lastly, Rare Beauty unveiled the Find Comfort Stop & Soothe Aromatherapy Pen, touting it as a lightweight, swiftly absorbed aromatherapy gel. Infused with a calming blend of peppermint and lavender scents, it aims to provide instant relaxation and sensory refreshment.

Gomez shared with People that the inspiration for the body collection stemmed from her "personal love" for body products, coupled with significant customer demand. 

"I've really been into textures and fragrances, and there's something about the sensory experience of these products that brings me comfort during stressful times," she told the outlet. "For me, that post-bath or shower has always been my go-to for comfort and I wanted to bring that feeling to the Rare Beauty community."