Denise and Katie Austin (Photo : Getty Images/Tom Cooper/)
Fitness experts Denise and Katie Austin teach a Total Body Workout for EveryBODY during the first day of the Wellness Your Way Festival at the Colorado Convention Center on August 16, 2019 in Denver, Colorado.

A 66-year-old professional fitness coach has revealed her "holy grail" skincare and makeup products that helped her defy the signs of aging.

In a recent video, fitness influencer Katie Austin, whose health-centric content on TikTok has earned her over 737,000 followers, asked her TV personality mother, Denise Austin, to divulge the secrets behind her youthful appearance.

"I wanted to bring my mom here because she’s had no work done," Katie explained. "She’s 66. I basically just want her to tell us the products that she uses and swears by. Her holy grail and this is not sponsored."

Denise then began sharing the products she has used for decades, starting with the Keri Intense Hydration lotion, which retails for just under $31 on Amazon, as reported by The Sun. Infused with sunflower oil and vitamin E, the lotion leaves the skin feeling "soft, smooth, and healthy."

"This is what I use after I get out of the shower, and I put it all over my body," Denise revealed. "I mix it a little with coconut oil too, and then it shines a little more on your skin."

The fitness guru also said she has been a fan of the Bag Balm skin moisturizer ($8.79) since her gymnastics days, noting that it keeps the hands and lips hydrated. 

"Oh my gosh, I’ve been using Bag Balm ever since I was a gymnast," Denise said. "They used to give it to us when we would rip our hands and were really dry on the parallel bars but then they told us it's really good for our lips. So that’s what I use every single day."

Katie also declared it the "best balm ever."

Moving on to other products in her skincare routine, Denise said she relies on the $37 Babor cleansing Hy-ol for daily facial cleansing. She praised its ability to remove makeup without stripping the skin.

As for makeup, Denise said she has stuck with the RMCA Makeup foundation for decades, sharing that it "has kept my skin young after being in the sun for 24 years filming TV shows."

Denise insisted that she has never gotten Botox or fillers, a testament to her belief in her tried-and-true skincare routine.

The video, which has garnered almost 80,000 views, drew praise and gratitude from viewers appreciative of Denise's authentic beauty tips.

"She looks amazing!" one TikTok user wrote of Denise on the video. 

Another said of the fitness instructor, "That's wonderful!! Thanks for sharing. She's always been a beauty."