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A TikTok beauty influencer has shared the best eyelash serum she's ever tried.

Lys, whose TikTok handle is @wellnesswithlys, revealed to her 15,000 followers that the Terez & Honor Eyelash Growth Enhancer and Brow Serum, which currently retails for $25, has revolutionized her lash game. 

"I have used every eyelash serum under the sun that you can think of. I've even gotten prescriptions for some, which you have to be seen by a doctor to get," the social media influencer said in a video, responding to a comment praising her long eyelashes. "About a year ago, I tried this, and it has completely changed the game."

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Lys emphasized that despite its affordability, the serum outperforms all others she tried, delivering remarkable results for her lashes. 

"It is literally the cheapest eyelash serum that I've ever purchased, but it works by far the best," she raved. 

The TikTok influencer confidently stated that, for her, the product has no downsides.

"I don't get any negative side effects, but it makes my lashes so long and healthy. At this point, they're kind of too long to even curl," she said.

Lys' claim was backed by other TikTok users who have tried the Terez & Honor eyelash serum. 

"[This] stuff seriously changed my lashes, I tell everyone about it," one TikTok user commented.

"IT'S SERIOUSLY SO GOOD!" another person wrote.

"[I] use this and it has done WONDERS," another comment read.

According to the brand's website, the Terez & Honor Eyelash Growth Enhancer and Brow Serum claims to "grow, lengthen and thicken" lashes and brows, with its formula working "deeply at the root of each hair follicle to stimulate their natural growth."

Terez & Honor suggested applying the serum at least once a day for three months to get the best results. According to the brand, increasing the frequency to twice daily, once in the morning and once at night, would give users even "faster results." 

The serum promises significant improvements in eyelash and eyebrow length and thickness within two months of daily use.

According to its description, the serum is gentle, suitable for all skin types, and composed solely of top-tier ingredients.

Terez & Honor emphasized that the serum is hypoallergenic, non-irritating, clinically tested, allergy-tested, and dermatologist-tested. 

The product is available for purchase on the official website of Terez & Honor as well as major online retailers like Amazon and Walmart.


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