Tyra Banks (Photo : Getty Images/Monica Schipper)
Tyra Banks, Executive Producer, Generation Drag attends Celebrate Pride with Tyra Banks, Trixie Mattel, Alex Newell, Eric Cervini and other Discovery+ stars at the Tribeca Festival on June 09, 2022 in New York City.

Tyra Banks is "fiercer than ever" at 50.

To mark her milestone birthday, the model took to Instagram Monday to post a series of makeup-free selfies, showing her posing in a gray robe and sporting voluminous curls. She also shared an empowering message about aging for her followers.

The former host of "America’s Top Model" recalled celebrating her mother in the "biggest way" when she turned 50 before delving into the significance of this milestone birthday to her.

In her heartfelt Instagram caption, Banks empathized with those who may fear aging but said she was thankful for the wisdom she gained and the fact that she was able to reach this milestone. She also encouraged her younger followers to look forward to the journey ahead.

“My mind is FIERCER THAN EVER. Wise, baby. I think we have to look at aging and these big milestone years like, 'I GET to be that age.' A Blessing,” Banks wrote in her caption.

Calling herself "Auntie Ty Ty," she shared some advice to her fans, urging them not to feel stuck in life and emphasizing the importance of evolving and adapting over time, citing her career trajectory as an example.

“You don’t have to stay stuck. You can start off doing one thing, and as the years go by, you switch that ish up," Banks wrote.

Amid her birthday celebrations, the entrepreneur showcased her ongoing ventures, particularly her involvement in the food industry with her endeavor, Smize & Dream.

Collaborating with music icon Lionel Richie, Banks highlighted her relentless pursuit of new projects and teased her graphic novel, "The House of SMiZE," focusing on themes of age, dreams, and delectable ice cream.

In a pre-birthday conversation with People, Banks opened up about her views on turning 50, asserting that age was merely a number and stating, "50 is the new 30s," aligning with her recent appearance in Karen Millen's Icons campaign.

Tyra also clarified her stance on cosmetic procedures, affirming she hasn’t undergone plastic surgery but is "not against it."

Known for her modeling prowess, she revealed that she practices poses in front of the mirror before hitting the red carpet. However, she admitted to occasionally forgetting what she's practiced by the time she arrives at events.