Jennifer Fessler (Photo : Getty Images/Daniel Zuchnik)
Jennifer Fessler attends the CLD PR NYFW Kickoff Event & Gifting Experience at Public Hotel on September 08, 2023 in New York City.

"Real Housewives of New Jersey" star Jennifer Fessler star has shared a concerning health experience tied to her use of injections for weight loss.

In her podcast, "Two Jersey Js," Fessler disclosed that she suffered an impacted bowel after taking semaglutide, a drug marketed under name brands like Ozempic and increasingly prescribed off-label for weight loss.

During the episode, Fessler outlined her personal journey with semaglutide, noting a weight loss of about 22 pounds after using the drug for over a year. However, she said that she had to go to the hospital at one point due to an impacted bowel, an issue she attributed to semaglutide.

Despite this distressing episode, she said she will continue getting the injections, despite reservations expressed by her "RHONJ" co-star and podcast co-host, Jackie Goldschneider.

“I’m not afraid of Ozempic and I will tell you I have had an experience that was not good — and I’m pretty positive it was about the semaglutide — where I had to go to the hospital for an impacted bowel… and I’m still not nervous about it,” Fessler said on the podcast.

Goldschneider voiced concerns about the "dangerous" trend of using Ozempic for weight loss. However, she said that she respected Fessler's decision to get the weekly injections, before the two stars delved into a discussion about the drug's potential side effects.

Fessler admitted to grappling with constipation, a known side effect of Ozempic, and acknowledged her failure to promptly address the issue. She said that while she was taking semaglutide, she did not have the most healthy diet, drink enough water and eat vegetables.

Taking responsibility for exacerbating the side effects, Fessler stressed the importance of proactive measures. She highlighted her current efforts, including making lifestyle changes and seeking guidance from a personal trainer to counteract the muscle loss she experienced from taking the drug.

Recent investigations, as reported by People, have raised concerns about potential severe digestive system effects associated with Ozempic, including life-threatening bowel issues.

In a statement to People, Novo Nordisk, the manufacturer of the drug, said that the safety of the injectable medication has been proven by extensive clinical studies and pointed out that gastrointestinal side effects are outlined in FDA-approved labeling.

These ongoing investigations underline the critical need for informed decision-making and proactive healthcare measures for individuals considering taking these medications for weight loss purposes.