Princess Eugenie of York and Jack Brooksbank (Photo : Getty Images/Victoria Jones - WPA Pool)
Princess Eugenie of York and Jack Brooksbank leave St George's Chapel in Windsor Castle following their wedding at St. George's Chapel on October 12, 2018 in Windsor, England.

Natural makeup has been trending for years, proving that "no makeup" makeup remains timeless.

Achieving a natural makeup look might seem elusive, but insights from top celebrity makeup artists, including Nikki Wolff and Hannah Martin, who has worked with members of the royal family, including Princess Eugenie, provide key guidelines, as reported by Glamour.

  1. Skin prep: Your skincare routine sets the stage for flawless makeup. Ensure a clean canvas by cleansing and incorporating chemical exfoliants for a natural glow. Hydration is crucial, so opt for moisturizers with hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid.
  2. Foundation secrets: A "your-skin-but-better" base can be achieved using tinted moisturizers or mixing liquid foundation with moisturizer for a sheer, radiant look. Customizing based on skin type and foundation texture is key. Martin told Glamour, "To ensure foundation doesn't look cakey, you must prep your skin according to your skin type, but also taking into consideration the texture of the foundation and ultimately how you'd like it to look on your skin." Expanding on this, she noted, "I say that because someone with dry skin might assume they can't wear a long-lasting oil-free foundation, but if you prep well with emollient rich skincare you absolutely can and vice versa. Those with oily skin may be wary of dewy finish foundations but with light, water based skin prep and oil controlling primers in oily areas you can." 
  3. Spot conceal: Apply concealer only where needed, blending gently with a brush or fingers to avoid a cakey appearance.
  4. Lashes and brows: Opt for a mascara as Martin said that defines without excessive layering or consider thin, under-eye false lashes for a subtle, natural look. Gently groom brows with clear gel or a microfilling pen for a defined yet natural appearance.
  5. Dewy glow: Enhance skin radiance by applying an illuminator or highlighter with moderation before blush, ensuring a "lit from within glow" without an overpowering shine.
  6. Blush application: Apply a cream or liquid blush using the "W" or "four-dot" technique for a soft, sun-kissed effect. Blend seamlessly for a natural finish.
  7. Contour and bronzer: Lightly contour using muted tones or try reverse contouring for lifted features. Apply bronzer subtly to the temples for a touch of warmth. Martin recommended a gel bronzer for a natural appearance.
  8. Lips and freckles: Enhance lips with liner or gloss matching your natural lip shade. Embrace natural freckles or beauty spots using a freckle pen to recreate a natural, fresh-faced look.
  9. Setting powder consideration: Oily skin may benefit from translucent powder, while those with melanin-rich skin should opt for a tinted or loose powder to avoid a white cast.
  10. Tool selection: Hands provide seamless blending, but quality brushes or a Beautyblender are excellent alternatives for a diffused, natural finish.

Martin recommended focusing on skin prep, lightweight application, and the right tools to achieve a flawless yet natural makeup finish.

Her recommended makeup brushes from her collection with Ciaté, the Base brush and the Flat Base brush, are designed for effortless blending and application of lightweight creams and liquids.

She told Glamour magazine, "I created two foundation brushes for my collection with Ciaté -- the Base brush and the Flat Base brush. The Base brush is dense but not hard, and has a flat head cut on an angle that magically blends foundation in moments. The Flat Base brush is more like your traditional foundation brush, but it's not as tightly bound as some -- meaning it's excellent for applying and blending lightweight liquids and creams, but also for getting into any corners of the face." 

With these expert tips, achieving a natural makeup look that enhances your features while maintaining an effortless allure is within reach.