Glossier, known for its signature millennial pink, is embracing a bold change to red for its London pop-up experience.

The inspiration behind this shift comes from the essence of the beauty brand's one and only scent, the cult-favorite "Glossier You."

Glossier opened "Realms of You," a two-month-long pop-up dedicated to its fragrance, on 173 Regent Street in London Saturday. Three rooms make up the beauty space, and each one offers an immersive experience meant to highlight Glossier's best-selling scent.

Kendall Latham, the director of retail and experiential design at Glossier, orchestrated the creation of the pop-up, Vogue reported.

Crafted by Glossier's creative team, "Realms of You" offers visitors an immersive experience that engages all five senses.

"When we set out to create an experience to celebrate our beloved You scent, we wanted to focus beyond the smell," Glossier captioned a set of photos posted on its official Instagram account. "Because, Glossier you is so much more than that -- it's a mood, a memory, and is unique to each individual that experiences it. We invite you inside to immerse your senses into the world of You."

The experience is designed to be unique for each individual, drawing inspiration from the fact that Glossier You "smells different on everyone," according to Vogue.

The pop-up maintains a strict cap of just six individuals allowed inside simultaneously. This deliberate limitation ensures that each participant can indulge in a more personalized and intimate interaction within the space, amplifying the impact of the experience.

Included in the pop-up are a beauty ASMR experience, theatrics, a selfie mirror, and unreleased merch, including the "Peugeot x Glossier Pepper Mill, inspired by the sparkling pink peppercorn top notes of Glossier You, and the Glossier Mini Mic, embossed and made for amplifying the sounds of You," Glossier wrote on its Instagram account. 

"Both the Pepper Mill and Mini Mic, as well as our Atlanta Mini Beauty Bag, stickers, and the full Glossier You collection, will be available to shop at our Realms of You pop-up," the brand added.

According to Vogue, within the pop-up is a room inspired by "Alice in Wonderland" and filmmaker David Lynch. The room features six, real gloved hands, each embodying a distinct personality. Engaging with these hands by shaking them initiates an intriguing journey, evoking a sense of adventure.

The pop-up store will remain open until Jan. 14, from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. from Monday to Saturday and 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Sundays.

Glossier welcomes walk-ins, but considering the limited space, the brand highly recommends securing a reservation in advance.

The link to book a reservation is available on Glossier's Instagram under the "Realms of You" highlight.