The rumors are true! Harry Styles has shaved his head.

Known for his voluminous curls, Styles has had several hairstyle transformations since his One Direction years, but he's never done a buzz cut - until now.

Fns are going wild online over the confirmation that the Grammy Award-winning singer has finally opted for a buzz cut, breaking away from his signature long locks. 

English singer-songwriter Harry Styles performs on stage during the 65th Annual Grammy Awards at the Arena in Los Angeles on February 5, 2023.

Styles' new hairstyle made its official debut Wednesday in an Instagram post by Pleasing, the beauty and lifestyle brand founded by the singer in 2021, about the launch of its new fragrances, Pleasing Fragrance.

The post included a photo of the English singer posing in a brown sweater, showcasing his newly shaved head. The image was taken at a launch party for Pleasing Fragrance in London.

"Our Founder, Harry Styles, toasts the launch of Pleasing Fragrance with friends in London. November, 2023," the caption read.

Fans swiftly flocked to the comments section to share their reactions to the pop star's new haircut.

"Use this as a grieving button for his curls," one user commented, receiving over 20,000 likes.

"[O]ur founder, [H]arry [S]tyles, will finally show you his bald head," another top comment read.

"[A]nd you got that bald cap, buzz cut, white T-shirt," commented another user, referencing the lyrics of Taylor Swift's song "Style," which is rumored to be about Styles.

On X, formerly Twitter, fans shared the same sentiments and even joked about the "Don't Worry Darling" actor's new look.

"When you go into surgery to get a hair transplant and then you wake up and ask the doctor, 'Where's Harry?' And the doctor says, 'where do you think we got the hair?'" one user wrote.

"[A]gain. Harry's hair made more noise than people's careers," another person tweeted.

While Styles' new haircut may not have been well-received by some, many fans defended it.

"[H]e looks so good bald," a fan tweeted. "Ya'll just don't get it."

The 29-year-old star was first photographed sporting a buzz cut on Nov. 9 while watching U2's Las Vegas Sphere concert with his rumored girlfriend, Taylor Russell, TMZ reported.

The grainy images had been circulating on the internet without official confirmation until Pleasing's post finally confirmed the buzz cut.

Pleasing Fragrance's launch marked the brand's first foray into the fragrance industry. The collection includes three perfumes: Bright, Rivulets, and Closeness.