The 72nd Miss Universe Competition - Preliminary Competition (Photo : Getty Images/Hector Vivas)
General view of the The 72nd Miss Universe Competition - Preliminary Competition at Gimnasio Nacional Jose Adolfo Pineda on November 15, 2023 in San Salvador, El Salvador.

Some moments from the Miss Universe 2023 preliminary competition have gone viral on social media.

Ahead of Saturday's coronation night, this year's Miss Universe pageant officially kicked off with the preliminaries Wednesday at the José Adolfo Pineda Arena in San Salvador, El Salvador.

After the show, fans from all over the world shared their thoughts and favorite moments from the event, which included the swimsuit and evening gown presentations.

Here are some of the most talked-about moments from the Miss Universe 2023 preliminary competition.

Miss Nepal's Intro

The introduction of Nepal's Jane Garrett quickly went viral, garnering heartwarming support from not only the crowd at the venue but also viewers around the globe.

Garrett is the pioneering plus-size candidate at Miss Universe, boldly breaking stereotypes and promoting body positivity.

Miss Nicaragua's Swimsuit Performance     

Miss Nicaragua's captivating swimsuit performance grabbed the attention of internet users. Sheynnis Palacios radiated confidence in a shiny pink two-piece swimsuit as she gracefully strutted and posed for the cameras.

"Nicaragua is the clear frontrunner. Werk the camera, queen!" one user tweeted.


Miss Bahrain's Energy   

Bahrain's Lujane Yacoub wowed the crowd with her unmatched energy during the swimsuit competition.

Miss Philippines' Swimsuit and Long Gown Performances   

Miss Philippines mesmerized audiences both in the arena and at home with her captivating stride, and her swimsuit and long gown displays quickly becoming trending topics on X, formerly Twitter.

Michelle Dee left a lasting impression in her stunning green gown and fiery red swimsuit, earning admiration for her poised and powerful presence on stage.

Miss El Salvador's Walk

Isabella Garcia-Manzo from El Salvador impressed online users with her remarkable walk during the swimsuit competition, with some hailing it as the "best" walk of the pageant.

The First-Ever Miss Universe Pakistan 

Many internet users were mesmerized by the beauty of the first-ever Miss Universe Pakistan, Erica Robin.

Rocking a crystal-studded gown, symbolizing the color white in her country's flag, Robin exuded the vibrant spirit of a contestant embodying her nation's pride on the global stage. Her choice of attire not only reflected national symbolism but also showcased her deep-rooted pride in representing her country at the event.

"Beautiful," one user commented under a video of the candidate. "So proud of her."