Dior luxury brand logo(Photo : AFP via Getty Images/Stefano Rellandini)
The Dior luxury brand logo is displayed outside a store in Tokyo on August 23, 2020.

Skincare companies usually market their products by promising consumers "baby-soft skin." But for Dior, even infants can benefit from a skincare routine.

The French luxury fashion house recently launched a new skincare line for infants called Baby Dior, describing its products' formulas as "soft, safe and gentle" on its official Instagram account.

Packaged as "a complete skincare line for little ones," according to People, the products are meant to keep the baby's skin soft and smooth.

The new line includes four products: the "gentle bath cleansing gel," "daily moisturizing milk," "soothing cleansing water," and "baby fragrance."

The Bonne Etoile "scented water" is priced at $230 and is available in either a pink or green packaging. Dior touted it as the first fragrance for babies and children that features an alcohol-free formula, has no allergens, and is composed of "98% natural-origin ingredients." The fragrance has notes of pear, wild rose, and white musk.

Another product in the collection is the pear-scented Le Lait Très Tendre, a moisturizer for the face and body that retails for $115. Crafted with nourishing ingredients, this moisturizer, according to Dior, is designed to provide profound hydration and protect the delicate skin of infants and children.

Next is the La Mousse Très Fondante, a $95 cleansing foam for the face, body and hair designed to transform a baby's bath time into a "precious moment." Infused with nourishing elements, the luxury brand said it is tailored to cleanse and soothe the baby's skin.

Lastly, Dior unveiled L'eau Très Fraîche, a cleansing water priced at $95. Made from "98% natural-origin ingredients," this product is recommended for use post-bath, gently eliminating any residual dirt and refreshing the baby's skin.

Shortly after the launch, a number of social media users mocked Dior over its skincare line for infants, with many describing it as useless and expensive.

One netizen wrote on X, formerly Twitter: "Who the hell is buying skincare for their baby?"

 "Baby: Googooo gagaaaa. Mom: Yes baby[,] let's get you Dior's scented water," a second user jokingly commented.

 "$230 for scented WATER," another user wrote.

However, some showed support for Dior's new collection, commenting heart emojis and the word "love" in on its Instagram posts.

This is not the first time that Dior has released a line for babies. Originally launched in 1970, Baby Dior was then a fragrance collection for infants. It was later discontinued.

"When I joined Dior in October 2022, one of the projects I had in mind was revisiting Baby Dior," Francis Kurkdjian, Dior's perfume creation director, told Women's Wear Daily. "Christian Dior evoked his childhood many times as a very happy and joyful period of his life."

Kurkdjian said he reimagined the 1970 collection with the help of Baby Dior's artistic director, Cordelia de Castellane.

"We immediately discussed ... working together to build back this universe," Kurkdjian said. "Baby Dior was born that day."