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While it can be daunting to wake up to a pillow full of hair, find your vacuum ends locked because of hair strands, or find your drainage clogged after a shampoo, just remember that it's perfectly normal for us to lose hair every day. It is quite normal to lose 100-150 hair strands daily to make room for new hair regrowth. So, it's not all bad. 

Our hair's phases of shedding and regrowth are all part of the regular hair cycle. Our old strands go through a shedding phase to give way to new hairs that replace them. It's worth knowing that the number of hairs we have is highly dependent on many factors: genetics, hormones, nutrition, stress levels, age, medication, illnesses, childbirth, how we wear our hair, and even the season. There are some factors that we have little control over, and this makes us nervous about dealing with excessive hair shedding when we encounter it. 

Recently, it has been found that one of the reasons for unexplained shedding has been attributed to COVID-19. One of the lasting impacts of the virus is Telogen Effluvium, which is a type of hair loss caused by stress to the hair follicles. Stress in your system causes inflammatory cues to flood parts of your body, including the scalp. This results in hair shedding that may last for months.  

Impact of Inflammation on Men and Female Hair Loss