Beyond Beauty: How Prissy Nikki CEO Nikki Corson is Changing the Game for Women

Nikki Corson
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Over the years, opinions of the beauty industry have started to run rampant. Many within the industry have spoken out about how toxic it can be with scams and dishonesty on full display. Adding to the issues, there are an increasing number of people who think that women wear too much makeup, even going out of their way to say that women who wear it are deceiving others.

The beauty industry needs revitalization and the way in which people view women does too. Everyone should feel comfortable being exactly who they are, and they should also feel comfortable and confident in the products they put on their bodies. Fortunately, there are people entering the beauty industry who care about what they put out in the world. They also care about the people who buy it.

Prissy Nikki founder and CEO Nikki Corson is one such beauty revolutionary with a goal of changing the industry. She believes that women should always feel beautiful, fierce, and empowered. Her all-natural lash extensions and all-around brand message are helping women everywhere lead with confidence to achieve their dreams.

All About Prissy Nikki

Corson's journey to becoming a successful entrepreneur started with a passion for beauty and a desire to create a product that would help women feel confident and beautiful. Her mission goes beyond simply creating a great product, she believes that beauty is more than just skin deep and that confidence is the key to success in all aspects of life.

Now she is a force to be reckoned with and she has set out to raise the standard and revitalize the way people view the beauty industry with her Prissy Nikki brand and the products she provides. She has made it her mission to use her brand to empower women to lead with confidence and to show their beauty and ferocity to the world.

"There's this stigma around being sexy. You can't dress this way because people will think a certain way about you or you can't wear hair extensions or eyelashes because that means you're not confident about yourself. I want to break through that," said Corson. "I don't think that we should just assume if someone gets acrylic nails or eyelash extensions that they truly just lack self-confidence and are ugly human beings. They are doing things that make them feel good about themselves, that make them feel confident in who they are."

Through Prissy Nikki, Corson offers a product she is passionate about and that she believes can help women feel a little more confident in who they are. Her all-natural lash extensions are the result of years of research and development, and they have quickly become a favorite among beauty enthusiasts everywhere.

With her brand, she offers more than just lash extensions. She is also a motivational speaker and podcast host, spreading words of self love, confidence and how to live a life you're passionate about. Nikki believes that women should be able to achieve their dreams and that nothing should hold them back, including their appearance.

Feeling Fierce

Corson's message of empowerment and self-confidence has resonated with women all over the world, and she has become a role model for many. Her fierce determination and dedication to her mission have inspired countless women to follow their dreams and to show their beauty and fierceness to the world.

In a world that often tells women that they need to look a certain way or act a certain way to be successful, Corson is a breath of fresh air. She is proof that women can be successful and beautiful, fierce and confident, all at the same time, and she is inspiring women everywhere to do the same.

So go ahead, show your beauty and fierceness to the world-Nikki and her empowering Prissy Nikki brand have got your back.

About Nikki Corson

Nikki Corson is a powerhouse CEO of Prissy Nikki, who provides top-tier lashes to bring out your natural bold, and beautiful self. Nikki is a Women's Entrepreneur VIP Award winner, a certified roofing contractor in three states, and a motivational speaker. She is also the host of the popular podcast, Life Amplified with Nikki. For more information on getting high-quality lashes, please visit

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