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5 Reasons Why Wearing Fajas Tributo Will Change Your Fashion Perspective

Fajas Tributo
(Photo : Fajas Tributo)

Fashion is a means of self-expression. It helps you speak a language you may not always find the words for. Needless to say, it is a potent tool that can have divisive effects when it falls into the wrong hands. However, in the right hands, fashion can promote inclusivity and peace. This is a perspective-shift Fajas Tributo hopes to bring in through its custom-made fajas. 

Post-surgery boost 

Tributo's garment supports every beauty standard including those who chose to undergo plastic surgery. For anyone who has gone under the knife, the reason behind the surgery is to boost one's self-esteem. However, post-surgery time can be emotionally taxing and make people feel vulnerable, especially as their bodies readjust to the new procedures. Tributo's colorful fajas help patients relook at the time when their bodies are in adjustment mode. Since they do not look like the average post-op supplies, they help patients get out of the surgery mindset quicker and smoothly enter the "I-am-my-best-looking-self" mode.   

Re-evaluate the meaning of beauty

Beauty has no set standard. Yet the standards of beauty have been defined and redefined for ages. This has led many to feel confused about how they ought to feel about themselves. Especially when they are made to feel they do not cut as per the prevailing standards. This can have devastating effects on their mental well-being and create a general sense of undeserving grief. Tributo's fajas aim to change how beauty is perceived and help them reclaim the right to their happiness through the power of their unique beauty. In their vision for inclusivity, the company recently released the Ken Doll collection to honor non-binary clients, a currently underserved demographic. In Spanish Tributo means tribute, signifying the company's mission to pay homage to all the different bodies, regardless of skin color, gender orientation, or ethnicity.

Fajas Tributo
(Photo : Fajas Tributo)

Feel included. Be inclusive.

Inclusion and diversity are buzzwords these days. However, they yield very different results when done from the point of view of profit versus inclusivity. Tributo's founder and CEO - Viviana, envision a brand that will cater to anyone who wants to enhance and sculpt their curves with their customized seamless line to fit the shape of the wearer perfectly. Fajas give compression in areas such as the stomach, helping to shape people's curves. The compression can also help improve posture, so you know you will get that silhouette that accentuates your unique figure. Inclusivity for every shape has been the guiding ethos of Tributo and has helped women wear their uniqueness with pride and even bring it back to their communities.

Helps you to Be You

People are most comfortable in their skin. That skin could be white, brown, black, yellow, or what have you. It could vary in shape, size, and texture. Yet, it is the home of your spirit. And when it gets defined by others, it takes away your right to be who you are as you are. Tributo's fajas recognize that uniqueness and its importance in determining one's well-being. Their fajas allow anyone to embrace their bodies and feel reassured by their own individuality. 

Normalizing Ethical fashion 

All Fajas Tributo products are handmade and custom-made with 100% Colombian production and supplies. Viviana M. Millán, the company's CEO, says, "It is our responsibility as human beings to contribute to making the world a better place; no matter what industry you work for, there is always something you can do." Her mission was to create her products in a beautiful house where her employees could work in a safe and joyful environment. While ethical fashion has been a trending topic for years, many companies are still falling behind in implementing it due to the mass production system they have built, making the transition a big challenge. Amid today's fashion hardship, Fajas Tributo still prioritizes their predominantly run-by-woman team's values of fair payment and wellness. Setting their brand principle apart from the rest, they're proving slow fashion is the way forward!

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