How To Put Loose Beachy Waves In Hair

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It's a great idea to master the beachy wave look as it's a flattering look for anyone, is surprisingly easy to create, and helps to create a relaxed, summer look. It's certainly a look adopted by an array of celebrities.

The good news is that creating beachy waves is easier than you think, although having these GHD combs and brushes will certainly help.

What Is The Beachy Wave Look? 

Beachy waves are effectively loose curls. It replicates how straight hair can go in high humidity but you don't need to live in a high humidity zone to create the look. 

They have become a popular option as they offer a different option to straight hair but still offer a professional and relaxed look, making them suitable for almost all occasions. 

It's worth noting that they increase the volume of your hair and this can highlight your cheekbones.

Creating Beachy Waves

As mentioned, you'll need a good curling iron. However, you need to note that larger curling barrels are better for the beachy look. Smaller barrels will create tighter curls which isn't the look you're after. Make sure you have between ¾ and 1" barrels for the best beachy waves look.

■ Prep First

It's best to style your hair when it is clean but the following can be done when your hair is wet or dry. That said, you'll get the best results if you dry it first.

However, before you start any type of heat styling on your hair you should add a heat protection product. This allows the curling tongs to do their job while minimizing any damage to your hair.

■ Separate Your Hair

You can turn the curling iron on. But, before you use it, you'll want to separate your hair into sections. This makes it easier to style and allows you to move through your hair methodically, effectively ensuring you get it all.

Separate it into the top and bottom sections and then sub-divide those sections into left and right. You can then choose which side to start. 

■ Add The Curling Iron

Your hair is now ready to be curled with your curling iron. It's best to hold the curling iron with its clamp facing forward and holding it upright. You can then take the first section of your hair and place it between the blades of the curling iron. Slide the iron through the hair twisting as you do so and moving it away from your head. 

You'll be moving upward toward the top of your hair so proceed with caution. The hair should wrap gently around your curling iron, allowing you to take one section and hold it by your scalp for several seconds. 

To finish, slide the curling iron back downward, keeping it away from your face and make sure the hair slides out. That section will have a gentle beachy wave. 

You'll want to repeat this for the other sections of your hair. 

It is important not to touch your curls after doing this. The best approach is to let them cool. This will ensure you have even beachy curls and they will stay in place for longer. Touching them will disrupt the style. 

■ Add Hairspray

To make sure your curls stay in place throughout the day or the evening, you'll want to add a flexible hold hairspray. You can spray this directly onto your hair or add it to the hairbrush and then gently brush it through your hair. Naturally, you need to make sure the hair has cooled before you brush through it, doing it when warm will cause the curls to fall out. 

The Alternate Options

The above does take a little time and if you don't have much time to do your hair but do have time to prep it the night before, you can adopt a different approach.

In effect, you'll want to wash your hair and then put it up into two buns. It's actually best to position the buns lower down your hair, near your neck.

Spray a styling product on the buns and leave them in place. You can release the buns once your hair is dry or sleep on them and, once the buns are undone, you'll have natural-looking beachy hair. 

There are other ways of creating the beachy wave look. But, the above two options are simple and effective. All you have to do is try both methods and see which suits you better. It's a personal decision without a right or wrong answer.

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