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BEACHFRONT Body Cream by Younique Gives You Refreshed and Radiant Skin

BEACHFRONT Body Cream by Younique Gives You Refreshed and Radiant Skin
(Photo : BEACHFRONT Body Cream by Younique Gives You Refreshed and Radiant Skin)

After trying it out, it can effectively be said you should not to leave home without the new BEACHFRONT body cream! It refreshes and rehydrates your skin whenever you're out in the sun, so your skin doesn't get dry or dull even after all the exposure to the elements.  

Protects your natural glow

BEACHFRONT body cream is the latest product from Younique, one of the biggest direct sales companies in the United States. You may have tried their self-tanning lotion and their bronzer, which can both give you an instant glow.

But the new Younique body cream takes it a step further: it protects your natural glow. Sun exposure - and the harsh seawater or chemicals in pool water - can dry out your skin, which can lead to irritation and flaking. Over time,  your skin will look dull and rough. Imagine the color and texture of leather, which is so not the tanned look that you were going for.

But with a regular application of BEACHFRONT body cream, your skin stays soft, supple, and hydrated - even in the driest conditions. The body cream is thicker than body lotions and can give your skin a double dose of moisture when it needs it the most.

And BEACHFRONT's formula rivals even the more expensive skincare products out there. The sodium hyaluronate and glycerin trap moisture and strengthen your skin's moisture barrier.  Grapefruit and orange peel extracts brighten the skin and give a light citrus scent. Shea butter is packed with antioxidants and nutrients to reverse sun damage.

Your skin stays comfortable, but more importantly, it stays moisturized and healthy.

How to use BEACHFRONT body cream

BEACHFRONT does not contain SPF, so you still need to use sun protection. Once your skin's absorbed the sunscreen, apply BEACHFRONT body cream. Be sure to apply it on your neck, shoulders, chest, arms, and legs-the most exposed areas, and tend to get very dry even after just a few hours of being in the sun.

If you'd like to give your skin an extra glow, you can mix 12 drops of BEACHFRONT tanning drops into a handful of cream. It's just like having a customized self-tanning lotion!

If it's your first time using tanning drops, do a patch test on a small part of your skin at least 24 hours before you plan to use it outdoors. And always exfoliate before applying any tanning product - smoother, even skin will help you get a more even tan.

You can reapply the body cream whenever your skin feels dry. But it's especially important after your shower since soap strips your skin of natural oils. Just massage it into damp skin, and then pat dry with a towel. The cream will help trap the moisture from your shower while infusing it with its hydrating ingredients.

By the way, this Younique body cream is also one of the best body luminizers ever. Apply a bit of tanning drops into this cream and apply it all over, and your skin will look radiant, healthy, and sexy. So don't just save this beauty product for the beach-you can use it anytime you want to have a little extra glow.

Your time to shine

BEACHFRONT and the other Younique beauty products can help you achieve your #SkinGoals - and your financial goals, too. You can be part of the community of Younique presenters and earn extra money from selling its diverse range of makeup, skincare, and body care products.

Visit to find out more about the opportunities and benefits of being one of the Younique presenters.

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