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6 Tips For Thriving: Loving Your Creativity and Health

6 Tips For Thriving: Loving Your Creativity and Health
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As winter continues, life on campus is taking new directions. Many students are looking for ways to stay inspired, passionate, and of course-healthy.

Now is the time to harness your love of life and use all your creativity and attention to not just survive-but to thrive.

Here are 6 tips to get the most out of this season and come out ahead.

1. Creativity Loves Community

While we have the idea that being creative is the work of a solo artist, it's not the only way. In fact, here on campus, there are many students who find that getting together is essential for boosting creativity.

The Carthage drama department has responded to COVID with clear guidelines. These include performing at a distance, using masks as costumes, and amplifying sound to work with masked delivery.

The Carthage art department employed mixed media and 3D technology to help students share real-life stories about experiences during the pandemic. The stories offer a communal contact to share ideas and envision the future. 

Music students at Carthage have also come together to practice outside, using tents to stay covered and distanced. 

Tip: Find new ways to connect with others using your creativity. Don't allow social distancing to create more boundaries. Instead, use it to build bridges.

2. Creativity Loves Focus

As a creative person, you know that creativity loves focus. So, how can you harness your ideas and be even more creative in this environment.

Many creativity experts recommend getting into a flow state. In other words, get creative doing things that you love. When you are in a flow state, you often feel like time evaporates. You may forget the world around you. In fact, this state is associated with many brilliant innovations and is a hallmark for creative geniuses.

Tip: Put on your headphones and dive into the work you love.

3. Creativity Loves Passion

In your work, you know where you feel the most passion. It's often something that you discovered in very early life. Many creative artists were attracted to their core expression at a young age. 

As a young child:

Did you play with finger-paints?

Did you create sand castles?

Did you solve puzzles?

Tip: Now is a great time to explore your unique creative passion. 

4. Health Loves Certainty

To do our best work, it helps to be free of worry. If you've been concerned about whether you have the virus or any virus, take action. Get a medical opinion about your symptoms and side effects like coughing, chlamydia discharge, or eczema so you can start fixing the problem right away instead of worrying about it for months. 

Health experts agree that uncertainty can be one of the biggest obstacles to having a calm outlook. 

Tip: Certainty is worth it. With a test kit, you can know for sure.

5. Health Loves Focus

While this pandemic has led a lot of people to abandon their health focus, you don't have to be one of them. 

As you may have experienced, a lot of people have gained weight over the last year. The weight gain is known as Quarantine-15, standing for the average 15 extra pounds people have gained.

Remember statistics class? If 15 is the average...that means many people have gained much more than that.

Use your focus to take action. Talk to a nutritionist. Get going with some practical tips for healthy focus. Kick out the junk. Get into gear. 

6. Health Loves Passion

It's not only creativity that loves passion. It's your health too. 

What do you love doing? What are you so passionate about that no one can stop you? If you're an avid runner, you love running in the snow. If you're hooked on swimming, you're doing laps no matter what. If you're a skater, you're already checking on the conditions to go for a spin.

Tip: Whatever sport or activity you love, do it. It's good for your body, mind, and spirit. 

Sum Up

There's a way to brave the elements, come together, and thrive in the most challenging circumstances. As you're finding your way, keep in mind that other students are feeling similar hurdles. Reach out and connect with friends, on campus and off campus. 

By staying in touch, sharing your focus, and supporting your passion-you can come out of this time with your creativity and health thriving.

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