Trendy Coffee Makers You Need in Your HomeCredit : Pexels

Coffee has been an important part of human life for the longest time. For most people, coffee signifies the start of their day. Still, for many, coffee represents relaxation, especially when coupled with reading, watching the television, or plain concentration.

Coffee has also crept to be one of today's most important societal functions. In the office space, "coffee breaks" are given to re-gather and sustain energy to get through the day. At home, coffee serves a more social function, bringing families to sit together and bask into the familiar, nostalgic smell of brewing coffee.   

Whether you are simply after making the best coffee for your family or after fulfilling a Central Perk fantasy, here are some coffee makers to couple your caffeine staples with:  

Dutch Lab Akma 3000 Coffee Machine

Akma 3000 Coffee Machine is South Korean design studio Dutch Lab's latest creation. This coffee machine incorporates a mysterious, dark steampunk concept with a forbidding design, and its name means "devil" in Korean.

Akma 3000 prides itself on a no-boil feature. Dutch Lab takes advantage of gravity as this coffee machine uses a cold-brew technique that depends wholly on gravity. Specifically, water flows from the uppermost flask through the middle flask containing the ground coffee at a controlled rate. A filter sifts coffee grounds until the coffee reaches the final, bottom flask where the process resolves to a perfect coffee blend.  

Hario Coffee Syphon "Technica" 5 Cup

Hario Coffee eliminates the bitter taste of coffee by allowing the complete infusion of coffee and water with its "Technica" 5. Hario Coffee also highlights a durable heat-resistant borosilicate bowl that maintains water temperature for a more extended period. 

As Hario Coffee emphasizes durability, "Technica" 5 also features heavy-duty steel components like the stand, filter, and burner cover, guaranteed to live a longer service life. 

Yama Glass Cold Drip Maker

Being around the coffee and tea equipment industry since the late 1970s, Yama's Glass Cold Drip Coffee Maker can never do you wrong. This coffee maker is perfect for people who enjoy a cup of coffee brewed for hours and those who find no joy in the quickness that modern coffee makers offer.

Canadiano Premium Pour-Over Coffee Maker

For coffee lovers who prefer the darker roast coffee beans that bring out earthy, nutty hints, Canadiano Premium Pour-Over Coffee Maker might be the best of you. Canadiano prides itself as a pour-over coffee filter made with premium-grade wood and stainless-steel filter.

Chemex Coffee Maker

Chemex goes beyond creating great coffee by serving aesthetics that look great in any space. The Chemex Coffee maker is well-known as a pour-over coffee maker and carafe, built from borosilicate glass. Furthermore, Chemex brings the ritual of brewing coffee manually at the comfort of your home with its heavy-duty paper filters, the secret to unlocking their signature Chemex Coffee.   

Scanomat TopBrewer Coffee Maker

Scanomat TopBrewer Coffee Maker takes the coffee brewing game digitally. With its app-controlled tap that dispenses coffee from freshly ground beans, TopBrewer's design allows it to be built into tabletops as it dispenses coffee out of a faucet. It brings the game to the digital world as you can enable it to brew your favorite coffee with your smartphone, tablet, or Apple Watch.

Diguo Belgian Family Balance Siphon Coffee Maker

The Diguo Belgian Family Balance Siphon Coffee Maker is among the earliest coffee equipment invented in 1835 and is considered the most environment-friendly coffee maker of its kind. As this coffee maker employs a vacuum pressure method, brewing the coffee taste you want depends largely on the filter. 

This coffee maker features a plastic filter that brews sediment-free smooth aromatic coffee rich in extracted coffee oils.

Trinity One Coffee Brewer

The Trinity One Coffee Brewer highlights a double-walled brew chamber used for pour-over, press, or cold brew beverages. Its wood, glass, and metal usually leave coffee lovers in awe as its aesthetic appeal is beyond compare.


While coffee makers run on the same underlying concept: water meets ground coffee and then extracts its flavor, different coffee brewers, shops, and roasters from different parts of the world can still produce different coffee brews. Before making a coffee maker purchase, it is important to consider several factors such as preference, cost, and convenience, among other things. Ultimately, whatever you decide on, let it be founded on the fundamental reason that it makes you happy.