7 Things to Pack In Your Hospital Bag for Delivery

You may be used to packing bags for vacations or weekend travels but packing a bag for the arrival of a new baby can be difficult. If it is your first child, you may not know what you need to bring. While most of the focus is on the new addition, it is important to have the items that you need as well. Keep reading to learn about what things should be in your bag for this occasion:


While hospital rooms are frequently cleaned, it's still not a place that you want to be walking around barefoot. Bringing slippers is a great choice because they don't require any tying and are easy to get on and off. You also don't need socks when wearing them, so they can be worn as is when you need to get up or walk around.

Hair Ties

Your hair might be the last thing on your mind but you certainly won't want it falling in your face during this time. Bringing hair items that allow you to pull it back and put it up are key. This can also be useful if you aren't able to wash it for a few days. Adding the hair accessories you need, as well as an extra brush to your bag can be something you are thankful you had later on when you need them!

A Nursing Bra

Regular bras are not designed for nursing newborns or babies at any age. They typically clip in the back and aren't easy to take on and off. Bringing a nursing bra with you to the hospital can make the process much easier. With visitors arriving and the baby learning to nurse, the ability to take the bra on and off quickly will be a game changer. This is also the bra you will be wearing while the baby nurses in the future.

Loose Clothing

After giving birth, you aren't going to be excited about putting on a tight pair of pants and a form-fitting shirt. Packing loose clothing that is comfortable to wear is key. Multiple layering options are also important because you may be cold or hot in your room. This loose clothing will also be helpful when trying to nurse because it is easier to take partially off than a tight shirt would be. 

An Outfit to Go Home In

It is normal for all of your focus to be on the birth, but you will want to pack an outfit to travel home in as well. This should be loose, comfortable attire. You just gave birth and aren't going to be winning any style points for how you leave the hospital, so dressing for comfort is key. Remember that this will still be maternity clothing since all of the baby weight doesn't disappear in a day.

Phone Charger

An extra phone charger may not seem important but it won't be on the top of your mind when you go into labor either. Everyone in your life will be awaiting the news of your new addition and a dead phone battery won't be helpful to communicate with any of those people. Packing it ahead of time will help in case you forget it in your rush out the door to the hospital. Your partner may also need to keep their phone charged as they send updates, so the charger will provide to be useful for both of you.

A Pillow

Comfort is key throughout the process and bringing your own pillow could provide the source of comfort as you recover from giving birth. You may have trouble sleeping during your stay in the hospital and this could aid in the little sleep that you do get. It can also be useful to stay comfortable on your ride home as well. 

Prepare Today

A hospital bag is not something that you wait to pack until you start feeling contractions. You want to have this prepared well in advance, as you never know when you will go into labor. Packing all of these items can give you peace of mind ahead of time and the ability to just grab it and go when the day of delivery arrives. Check out our website for more helpful articles like this one.