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5 Business Outfits for Women in 2021

ByPatrick Jones
Apr 30, 2021 05:19 AM EDT

5 Business Outfits for Women in 2021

Women can feel limited when it comes to business attire, but that doesn't have to be the case. Thankfully, more business-friendly attire has been popping up for women, which is excellent. 2021 is your year to reclaim your fashion sense, and you can do it with the five following formal outfits that'll stand out at work.

1. Blazer and Cropped Jeans

2021 is pushing the envelope a bit regarding business attire for women. There was a time when women just wore something plain, but that's no longer the case. While you still shouldn't wear colors that pop too much, you can change things up a bit. One of the outfit ideas that's taking off for women is the blazer and cropped jeans idea. The colors should still be muted, but you get to wear an oversized blazer. Whether you're a financial advisor in San Diego, an attorney in Chicago, or some other professional working with clients and partners, having an edge to your outfit can project confidence without sacrificing credibility. On top of that, if the office is always cold, having a blazer might be a blessing in more ways than one.

2. Midi Dress and Boots

The midi dress comes in many forms. This is something you probably know, so you have to get one that's business-friendly and goes with a nice pair of boots. You can't go for something that shows too much. You want a loose midi dress, and you need to make sure it's relatively long to keep it professional. You want to stay with one color or maybe a simple pattern with this dress but nothing too extravagant. You should choose a dark color, but that doesn't mean you can't get something like white or gray, which are acceptable business-friendly colors. Make sure your boots are long enough to keep the dress business-friendly.

3. Turtleneck and Trousers

The other outfit that's making its way into the business world for women is the turtleneck and trouser outfit. Again, you want to stay away from loud colors and want to make sure both of these complement each other. The turtleneck should be a loose sweater, and the trousers should be wide-legged. It'll give you a casual look that's still quite stylish. Make sure you get the right material. If you're going to be in a cold office setting, then the sweater should be wool or cashmere. If it's warmer, then look for cotton or even linen so that you stay cool.

4. Pantsuit and Statement Shoes

The pantsuit is pretty acceptable attire for women even in 2021, so if that's what you want, you can still go for it. The upgrade for this outfit is that women can now wear statement shoes. The pantsuit has always been a little plain. The colors usually match, so there's not a lot of room when it comes to this outfit to show off your personality. If you look at pantsuits alone, they start to look somewhat dull, which is why you need to rethink your shoes. You want something that pops. Here's where you can go for bolder colors or patterns, like hot pink or bright purple. You could also go for interestingly designed shoes; it's up to you.

5. Trench and Bright Trousers

Trench coats can look perfect for you. Now, you'll have to choose something pretty plain so that it doesn't overpower your bright trousers. The trench coat should be dark, like black, dark brown, or any other dark color. The trousers could be bright like red or even yellow as long as it still matches your trench coat. The shirt or sweater you wear underneath should complement the trench coat. Don't wear anything too bright under your coat unless you go for the inverse and decide to wear a light color trench coat with dark trousers. Think of your pants as the only statement piece you'll be wearing. This is one of the most popular trends now, and it's a fun one, too.

That's it. These are some of the formal outfits for 2021. Women can take each of the ideas and make them their own, which is the key here. You want these clothes to feel like you, to showcase part of who you are, and this year you can play with more ideas.

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