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5 Common Travel-Related Hassles and How to Handle Them

ByPatrick Jones
Apr 30, 2021 04:49 AM EDT
5 Common Travel-Related Hassles and How to Handle ThemCredit : Unsplash

Traveling can be exciting, but it can also come with a few hassles. Now, just because you might hit a few bumps on your way to places doesn't mean you shouldn't go. What you can do is address some of the most common hassles travelers face.

1. Security Boarding Issue

Airport security is a significant hassle all travelers must face sooner or later. If you plan to fly, you know that the most dreaded part of the process is to deal with the TSA. Yes, everyone knows these folks are there to help everyone and keep people safe, but that doesn't mean the process is pleasant. You have to remove your shoes, belt, hat, and scarf. You also have to take out your electronics. You can get your TSA PreCheck security pass to skip all of this nonsense. The security pass is given to travelers who can prove they're low risk, which is most people, but you have to apply in advance.

2. Short on Money

The other major hassle some travelers face is lack of money. No matter how much you prepare, the chances of needing money are there. This could happen because of theft. You may not know the safest areas to go. You may also miscalculate and go over budget. The good thing is you can solve this problem. If you need money fast, you can get emergency loans in Laredo TX and other popular tourist cities. You must include emergency finance sources in your planning.

3. The Dead Phone Problem

Another hassle travelers face involves their phones. Your battery is probably going to go out at some point during your trip, and you may not be able to charge it with a wall charger. It's easy to think this won't happen, but you need to see the whole picture. When you travel, you rely on your phone much more. You're using map apps, rideshare apps, hotel apps, money management apps, taking pictures, and recording videos. All of this activity is going to drain your battery quickly unless you bring a portable phone charger. These are precharged at home before you go out, and they store enough power to keep your phone alive when you need help.

4. Getting Lost

You're in an unfamiliar place, and this means the chances of getting lost are high. This creates a lot of problems you don't want. You might be late for that great show you wanted to catch, or you might waste money on gas if you drive or rent a car, which cuts your travel budget. On top of all that, if you end up in the wrong area, then you're putting yourself at unnecessary risk. You can do a few things to avoid getting lost, like using your map app on your phone, but that's not too reliable. You need to download the route between two cities, just in case there's no internet. Plus, you should carry a paper map with you, and learn to read it as many people don't know how to do this.

5. Getting Sick

Traveling is great unless you get sick in the middle of your trip. This happens for all sorts of reasons, and you don't want that to happen to you. For example, some people get sick because they eat something they shouldn't. While traveling, make sure you pay attention to the cleanliness of the establishment and read reviews. Avoid random street vendors if you can, or only go to vendors with high marks. You'll also want to use insect repellents. Sometimes, people get ill because a bug bit them, and that's no good. You might also want to practice good hygiene while traveling, like cleaning your hands before eating and whatnot.

Hopefully, you can follow these suggestions so that your traveling goes smoothly. Most of these changes are pretty easy to make, and they end up doing so much for you.

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