Feathered EyebrowCredit : Soroush Karimi / Unsplash

Over the past few months, there's been a slight shift in eyebrow trends---from the Instagram eyebrows that feature perfectly shaped brows, people are now looking into more natural yet highlighting a dramatic look.

Known as the feathered brows, microbladed brows mimics the hair's natural strands, making it appear thicker and fuller.

Since it maintains the natural eyebrow shape, this look is pretty much universally flattering; plus, it exudes that young and innocent vibe.

Interestingly, it's actually a lot easier to pull off than those HD brows that we often see over Instagram.

With a ton of selection of eyebrow products on the market, it's safe to say that it's not that difficult to rock this latest eyebrow trend.

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Beauty Influencer Shows How to Achieve Feathered Brow Look

However, beauty guru Desi Perkins revealed a perfect brow hack that can involve using a brow stencil.

Over her YouTube channel, the former freelance makeup artist shares that you can now achieve that perfect feathered brow in less than two minutes.

In a video titled, "Finally Doing my Makeup Again! New Mom Who Dis + Brow Hack," the Los Angeles native YouTuber details a step-by-step guide to attain the fluffy eyebrow trend.

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Desi Perkins's Eyebrow Stencil Technique

She listed the materials that she used, including a $12 eyebrow shaper kit containing 24 different styles you can choose from, depending on your face shape or preference.

"You can get them on Amazon," she mentioned, adding, "They're awesome if you're in a rush if you have trouble doing your brows straight or just getting the shape right."

She started by measuring the inner corner of her eyebrow so she can correctly place the stencil.

Perkins then begins by brushing the inner corners using a fluffy brush and Kylie Cosmetics' Brow Powder in Cool Brown shade.

Moreover, the content creator also shared that using a stencil makes things a lot easier.

"Because I like to be efficient with my time, and I just go in quickly, I take it, and I line it up with the line that I made and bring the stencil on and add a little bit of powder to give me an even and quicker coverage," she explained while brushing the powder unto her eyebrow.

She then followed this up using Lancôme's Brow Shaping Powdery Pencil in the shade Blonde to fill in the sparse gaps and create feathery light strokes.

As for the other parts of her eyebrows, she started from the arch to the inner corner. The beauty guru used Sigma Beauty's Fill + Blend Brow Pencil in a dark shade to give a little bit of dimension to the brows.

Lastly, for the final touch-up, Desi Perkins grabbed a brow soap and spoolie from West Barn Co. as she ran it through her eyebrow and fluffed them up using an upward motion.

She recommends concentrating on the front part of the eyebrow for a more natural look.

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