Lindsay Lohan is banned from Chateau Marmont hotel after she refused to pay her bill. 

Chateau Marmont is world famous historic Hollywood hotel built in 1927 and is legendary for  famous guests which includes artist, actrors, novelist and screenwriters; Elizabeth Taylor, Annie Leibovitz,  Tim Burton, Sofia Coppola and Jim Morrison to name a few.

According to reports by AP, Lindsay ran up a bill of $46,350 and refused to pay. The 26 year-old who resided in the Sunset boulevard hotel for 46 days during June and July , TMZ reported that the actress smoked 49 packs of cigaretts durign her seven-week stay, and ran up a $3,145 mini-bar bill.  On August 1st Lindsay Lohan was asked to pack up her belongings and clear out  and asked not to return to the hotel.

Chateu Marmont is also where Linday took provocative photos with famed fashion photographer Terry Richardson. Posted on the photographers web diary shows Linday in black and white shoots wearing a night gown, smoking a cigarette, and holding a gun.